We all take different roads as we traverse in this journey called life. Let me lead you to my day to day discovery and the simple joy I found as a fan of BAE YONG YOON.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

July 1- Stars Take On The Streets Again

The poster of the event from CDMI’s site http://www.screenquota.org

Starting July 1st, the new screen quota will take effect in Korea , for the newbies you can more about it here.

A major protest action will take place on that same day starting at 5pm alongUniversity Road and they will parade until Kwanghwamun in downtown Seoul. There is even a scheduled autographed signing from Jang Dong Gun, Jeon Do Yeon and Lee Junki who were all active in the previous protest actions. And will be capped by a cultural show that will last until 11:30 pm.

I'm sure his more mature fans will remember how BYJ got flanked not just by the media but by people in the industry for not participating in the said rallies. But in one instance Manager Yang made an appearance in behalf of BOF. It was later revealed that during those times he is deep into finalizing "Key East", read more about it here.

I'm doubting if he will make an appearance on Sunday and I'm sure he will not be the only one doing so. But with his current status as a top Hallyu star, I'm sure people will again take notice of his actions and make comparisons with the likes of JDG, LBH and KSW. I guess we have to be vigilant once again.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Reason Why It's Hard To Be An Actor's Girlfriend

It seems just about every woman out there has had at least one sweet dream of being the star's girlfriend. I'm listing some reasons why it can be hard for us to do so. I'm not insinuating that BYJ fans are mean and bitter and fill never allow him to find a mate because we are exactly the opposite. Still the following is a common enough scenario if one chooses to get involed with a celebrity irregardless of which part of the globe you come from.

* Your private life will be all over the internet

* All those photos from your childhood till your teen years including those unflattering graduation pictures that you long wanted to burn but dared not because your parents will kill you will be duplicated a million times on the net.

* All your enemies will be more than eager to spill out your most embarrasing moments that you wish never happened.

* The moment you take your vows you will be public enemy no. 1 of the countless other women who desired to be in your shoes.

* Pictures of you buying some expensive bag or trinket will be posted on various forums and message board with comments like "all she does is stay at home and spend the hard earned money of their idol".

* If you are pretty, people will credit the wonders of plastic surgery. If you're not, better steel yourself. You can't imagine the mean things people can say about you.

* Even if you look alright people will still say you are ugly.

* Whenever you happen to have a lovers quarrel you have to keep your mouth shut. Any hint of complaint coming from you will cause a buzz on the web insinuating your impending break-up.

* You must smile at all times, look cross just once and your photo will be splashed accross the tabloids under the headline "Actor BYJ's Marriage In Crisis?" Or they will say you are a bitch on the web boards.

* Be on high alert in fending criticisms once his acting level drops in his current drama or movie.

* Whenever you go the paparrazi will be right behind you. And since people will regognize you, you won't be able to go to the nearby convenience store, market or even take out the garbage without make-up and a decent wardrobe.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

On Liezle's Post

Fellow blogger liezle is asking for our comment on an entry she made in her blog and since I need time to put my thoughts in writing I’m only posting my thoughts now.

I limit my visits in soompi to certain threads in the k-drama section since not everyone is matured and reasonable in their adulation for their fave celebrities. And I hate to ruin my day by reading negative and baseless comments. This brings us back to what was insinuated by that lady “you need to be respected and loved in your home country before you take over other countries”. Who gave her the idea that Yong Joon was never respected and/or loved by his countrymen? He may not be the hottest star doing back-to-back movies and television dramas but nonetheless everyone (meaning from people in the entertainment industry to ordinary citizens living in Korea and in other countries) acknowledges the fact the Hallyu phenomenon started with Yong Joon. Even their economist attributes a certain portion of their 2004 and 2005 economic growth directly to him.

I had to laugh when I think of him taking over another country because it was never his intention. It’s his earnest wish that Korea can strike a balance of cultural exchange with the countries that are now deep into everything and anything Korea. He is never selfish in his thoughts and actions.

I pity those who make generalized comments and sweeping statements without even doing research. It may take time but at least they could have backed her statements with facts rather than their own biased opinion.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Full Super Sunday Clip

Did you enjoy seeing Yong Joon dancing, singing and doing comedy in my previous post? Then are you curious to see the entire skit from Super Sunday. I remember I had it on file sent by fellow baefan qtt so I've uploaded it to my youtube account. Happy viewing and enjoy the rest of the week!

Super Cute

He's so cute here promise!

BYJ 1994 Ramyon CF

In times like this when everything is relatively peaceful exept for Quilt experiencing network problems, we need to have something to pass the time. I decided to bring back his old CF's because I like the youthful, carefree man that we was before.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Thinking Of You

Since all is quiet again in baeland I decided to re-check my meager collection of BYJ clips which I uploaded in youtube. This vod is was posted by heejin at BYJ Quilt, love the song.....

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's A Win For the Red Devils

Did last nights win of Korea made the day for our dear Yong Joon. I sure hope so because I had a great time watching it too. I've made a separate blog entry about it and you can check it here.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's A Red Letter Day

I just got an email from a friend whose now in Seoul and apparently everyone is excited to watch the game between South Korea and Togo which will be telecast at 2:00am (Seoul time). I'm guessing it's a delayed feed since game will start 15:00 in Frankfurt or 10:00 in Korea. Anyway the subway leading to the City Hall in Seoul has announced that they will continue their service till 2:00am so people can watch from the huge screen they've set up in the park. She told me that the police are a little worried that there might be a riot if things won't come up to the fans expectations.

Didn't I mention that I'll be watching the game tonight with some friends? I even have a change of clothing since I'll be coming straight from work and yeah red shirts are not considered corporate attire. I do envy yokee though cuz she has "Be The Reds" written on her shirt, check it out here just click Man, Ball and Me on the left hand corner of your screen. And yes, I'll be bringing our mascot Alfred so he can enjoy some night out, I even have a red shirt made up especially for tonight.

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Guess what I heard playing while doing my grocery shopping at Market, Market? It's entire WLS OST..... and you should have seen the smile plastered on my face while going through my shopping list. And before I forget, Tricia's friend just came back from her vacation in Kenya and same OST was playing in a Korean restaurant where they had their dinner. And being another BYJ fan, she felt right at home.

Another BAEtiful Saturday

It's one of those spur of the moment things when Northstar asked if I'm available to have a late lunch with her and then I decided to invite the other bae sisters within Makati to check if they can join us. Good thing it's a Saturday so Belinda, Tricia and Christie were able to join us.

As expected our talks centered on BYJ and what's the latest with him since my companions are all remiss on what's happening with Yong Joon due to personal and professional reasons. They're asking me to talk about the Man? Of course I obliged and by the time I'm done, 2 hours have alreadly passed and so is the delicious korean food on my plate burp!!! But it's not yet over because I still have some goodies for them, each got a sheet full of BYJ stickers. And for the highlight I showed them the Brokore and the AERA magazine so they can have their dessert, pwahahaha..... We finally parted ways by four with a promise to keep in touch.

Sitting here typing this entry just made me realize how lucky I am to have friends who share my love for Yong Joon. Somehow having people who enjoy the same things you do make it more enjoyable. I hope BYJ knows the role is playing in our lives. Through him I've forged new friendships with people whose lives are different from mine. There may come a time when he will choose to lead a life different from what he has now but the legacy that he gave to me will forever be etched in my heart.

Friday, June 09, 2006

A Shoutout

My very own copy of Brokore No. 5 finally arrived the other day, hurray! I just want to say "thank you" to a very beautiful and kindhearted sister from Japan who helped make sure that I got one and took the time to mail it. Now if only my GQ copy will arrive next week..... it would be the final touch to my already blessed special day.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Welcome To The Family

Reading bb's newest entry in her blog reminded me of a long delayed plan of mine to update my links. I never even knew michelle has a separate blogspot account cuz I always visit her livejournal.

I'm so happy to see more people joining us in our blogging about anything and everything BYJ. Of course it did not stop there, as you may have noticed there are some of us who keeps more than one blog like tiffany's blog dedicated to anything korean or a personal blog like mine.
So to Tania, flowerbossa and happieh welcome and hope to read more from you.

To jaime and all the other newbies and silent readers of my blog a warm hug to all of you. I hope that we may be of help to you in knowing more about the man who touched our hearts.

More Loving Thought From Belinda

You enjoyed reading my previous post from fellow bae fan belinda? Well there's more from her so I'm posting it here for you to read as well.

Here are more loving tips on how BYJ can try to keep HAPPY despite the weight he carries on his shoulders:

Dear Yong-Joon,

1. You are blessed with a wonderful sense of humor and a childlike freshness/guilelessness about you. I pray that you will never run out of those qualities. I pray that you will learn to laugh at yourself and at the world some more. Go ahead and welcome a reality-check, as often as you can. It's a good way to keep your balance.

2. If it bothers you but there is nothing you can do about it at the moment, leave it, let it be amd get on with the important matters tat you can do something about. What's the point of stressing over a problem that you cannot solve? Bad press? Loss of privacy? Unfortunately, they come with the territory. When the going get's tough, count your blessings and then get tough yourself.

3. I trust your family nurtures and supports you no matter what or when or where. So please stay close to them and draw strength from them especially when your legs are about to buckle under from the weight that you carry. Your family will not fail you.

4. Make your own home or a private space a pamper reward center; fill it with all the things that you find soothing, peaceful and pleasurable.

5. Surround yourself with good people, people who have a healthy sense of humor and a lot of humility. People who nurture, people who are honest and authentic. True friends no matter what, when or where. Please stay away from people who take themselves too seriously and have a twisted sense of their own importance. Stay away from insincere people; they are toxic.

6. Take your camera with you as often as you like and as often as you can. Give the paparazzi a dose of their own medicine (all in good, clean fun) and help them learn to be a good sport about it. For every photo they take of you, allow yourself to take one photo of them. " What goes around comes around." Happy clicking BYJ!

7. When your're in a public place and if you're in the mood for it, before anyone can approach you make the first move. You do the watching and observing. (Oh course it not polite to stare but it's not a sin to observe people either. I do it a hot, hehehe) Interview someone interesting and willing to be interviewed. Ask for an autograph if you want to. The point? At least you know you're the one taking the initiative instead of being the one "ambushed" all the time.

8. There are ways to remind people that there is a right time for everything (Eccleasiastes). Of course, it takes some getting used to but it won't hurt to start helping people get used to it.

For instance, set a "Fans Day" at Park BOF every month (as often as your schedule will allow, anyway). This is the day you spend precious time with your "family", dialogue and tell stories with them. Share your thoughts and feelings as a person with them, share a meal and discuss your projects (if you want) and give them your autographed photos. In a way you satisfy their (our) need to have a glimpse of you, hear your wonderful voice and take something of you/from you back home with them to tide them through the next days without you.

This is also the chance for your to engage their support in making it possible for you to preserve a little private space for yourself. I bet your "family" will only be too happy to help you guard your privacy especially if you are dedicating a private day with them that they can look forward to. Anyway, to a certain extent it beats having to follow you arond on the off-chance that your would look their (our) way.

(You might want to have a "Press Fellowship Day", up t you.)

9. We don't expect you to be dressed-up-to-the-nines-glamorious all the time. So please dress comfortably, as often as your psyche yearns for it. Did you know that the beauty about being you is that you can dress in your comfortable jeans and tees and still look enviably and tastefully gorgeous?

We know you're a fashion icon and that there is a certain image you want to maintain. But we are simple people with simple taste and, as far as we are concerned, we're just happy to accept you as you are. We don't want you to come off looking so "unreachable". For as long as you are comfortable, confident and at peace with yourself, we are thrilled.

10. When you're feeling sad and alone, after you say a little prayer for GOD to see you through the hump, please read your fan's love notes to you. There's an overflowing reservoir of good feelings and loving thoughts to lift you up. Feel free to indulge.

11. And when you finally get around to it- as I hope you will. Please visit the sites dedicated for you. They brim with love and support for you too.

Please don't forget, your happiness is up to you. Be well, Dear BYJ!