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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

BYJ at the Hallyu Expo Opening

The Hallyu Expo in Jeju was finally opened today so as expected we have a barrage of photos coming in. I'm just keeping some of my favorites here to remind me of this beautiful day.

photo credits: as labelled
posted by frances and flor at BYJ Quilt

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

For Your Reading Pleasure

Four of my very good friends made a trip to Korea last month mainly to watch Rain's showcase. But a trip to Korea will never be complete without visiting Nami Island and the other location sites for Winter Sonata for this drama started it all for most of us.

I'm sure you will enjoy reading about their stay because her writing style is amusing. Here's the link to their korean adventure

Wrapped In A Tight Embrace

I found another source of inspiration for the day. A kind baesister 권오경 posted some scanned photos of our dear Yong Joon from the new issue of Joseijishin that made me smile like silly again.

Such broad shoulders that can take you straight to heaven if he dares to wrap you in his embrace. And that smile, that smile alone is enough to make me see rainbows around me.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I just come from KOB and baesis 권오경posted a second batch of photos from CREA and now I'm fanning myself even if our aircon is now in full blast.

These are just two of my fave from the second batch but there's more, lot's more... here,here,here,here,here,here, and here

I Lost My Mind.... Yet Again

A beautiful sister uploaded some photos taken from the December issue of CREA and though it took me a while to download the files (I'm not a techie) it was all worth it. Right now I'm just pretending to work because my mind just turned into jello.

And there's more here and here.