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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Still Wanting Him Single

Starnews, a Korean Daily carried an article on a survey recently conducted in Korea on who among the korean male celebrities do they want to remain single for now. Our dear Yong Joon placed second after JDG.

It's a surprise to me only because I thought the younger actors like Jo In Sung or Hyun Bin who ranked 3rd and 4th respectively will top the polls. Since BYJ is now in his mid 30's I have no problem if he decides to tie the knot but it seems there are still a majority out there who are not ready to see him settled.

And with TWSSG almost ready to be screened, I'm sure more female hearts will be taken in by his magnetic presence.


Blogger mrs a said...

that is interesting! I agree I would of thought it would of been Hyun Bin and younger ones. I do like their top choices only BaeYongJoon belongs always as number 1...ahahha

5:07 AM

Blogger marissa said...

Hi mrs a,

Glad you still drop by. Have a nice day.

2:31 PM


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