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Friday, June 09, 2006

A Shoutout

My very own copy of Brokore No. 5 finally arrived the other day, hurray! I just want to say "thank you" to a very beautiful and kindhearted sister from Japan who helped make sure that I got one and took the time to mail it. Now if only my GQ copy will arrive next week..... it would be the final touch to my already blessed special day.


Anonymous jaime said...

Congratulations marissa on receiving your Brokore No.5! I can imagined how excited you feel. Are there a lot of Yong Joon's pictures? It is in Japanese right? They are now offered in Broasia.com from Brokore No. 1 to 5. Do you think it's worth buying cause I'm not interested in other artists or articles that I can't read. Thanks and happy reading!

love ... jaime

8:24 AM

Blogger bb said...

hi hi marissa,
i got my copy last week too... lovely pics, aren't they...? wondering if anyone would be translating the article for us... seems interesting...!

4:18 PM

Blogger marissa said...


The pictures are the same ones posted in Quilt but I love looking at that particular set of photographs so I think it's worth keeping.

6:14 PM


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