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Thursday, October 27, 2005

April Snow in the Philippines

Bless northstar for finding the time to meet with the people from Sky Films, the distributor of April Snow in the Philippines. It was a learning experience for them because they are not aware of the popularity of BYJ in our country. I can't blame them entirely since their company is a rival of the station that showed WLS and Hotelier. So they asked a lot of questions and more information regarding his works. They felt contrite that they never made news earlier about their acquisition so that we could have helped them write feature articles and prepare for a premier night. They were so sorry that we could have been invited to a private screening of the movie before it was submitted for review by our movie censors board. While in the middle of their talk, the artist who is preparing the lay-out for the newspaper ads came by to ask for approval of his work and Northstar is surprised to see that it was rated R-13 when we were all aware of the rating it got in Korea and in other asian countries where it had it's regular run. But it was also not surprising in the premise that there was no nudity on the part of the actors and the theme is quite familiar with Filipino audiences. One thing we are happy about is that we may have converted them in becoming a BYJ fan as well. They even asked quite a few times if BYJ has a girlfriend. Northstar left with an armful of posters, a copy of their official press kit, photos that they will use for press releases and the final artwork for the ads that will appear in the newspapers here in days to come. I'll post them here for posterity.

Monday, October 17, 2005

"Going Out" on a Saturday

Northstar gave me a call on a Friday afternoon so I can make arrangements for a group viewing of April Snow the Making since it's more fun to watch it with friends. But we all come from different locations around the metropolis so it's hard to find a common place where we all can meet halfway. I thought of renting a hotel room in the Central business district so it will be convenient to all who wishes to come and have the privacy to shout, sigh, faint and do whatever we want when his face appears on screen. Reservations made I gave a call and set the time for our date.

Northstar and I met at a nearby mall to buy lunch so we don't need to go out of the room and then had a laugh when she said that we are doing what Insoo and Seo-yong did, go to a hotel. I was not satisfied with the first room given to us because the television is not big enough so we asked to be moved to another room. Finally getting the room we wanted, we passed by time by looking at my recently downloaded vods and pics of BYJ through my pc. Belinda and Christy came in after a while so we decided to eat first so we can watch all we want after. We had grilled fish, squid, pork, salted eggs, green mango with tomatoes and fish paste, and two kinds of veggies- yum yum yummm......

Finally off to the room to set up the portable dvd player of Christy but what a bummer, we can't seem to get it working no matter how we fidget with the connection so we called for the hotel maintenance to help us out. The suspense is killing us so I decided to play the dvd in my pc and as expected we did a collective shout once he's face came out of the screen. The hotel staff was quick enough to check on our problem but we are oblivious to what the technician is doing to fix the tv problem since we are so absorbed on watching the scenes unfolding right before our eyes. Finally he's curiousity got the better of him and asked what are watching so we told him that he is the hottest man in the world. To cut the story short, they bought in a new television set so we finally got to watch The Making on a bigger screen. Maybe some writers cannot see the beauty of the movie because he's looks really captures your attention. I have to agree with the other sisters who advised us to watch it a couple to times so we can enjoy his looks on the first viewing, absorb the translation on the second, and finally digest the movie as a whole on the subsequent viewing.

After 3 hours, we decided to go to a mall a few blocks away to check out the calls and text messages I got that April Snow posters are now being displayed at major cinemas. Glorietta has 4 wings housing 2 big movie house complex. We went to the bigger of the two where a LOT of posters are scattered showing current flicks as well as next attraction but so AS posters. We all went our separate ways just to check every nook and cranny but we made no sighting. Off we went to the other complex, our excitement building up. We are on the second level and all the posters were hanging from the balcony around the staircase so we have to look down to check it out and finally our efforts were rewarded cause right before our eyes is the now familiar April Snow poster.

Down we went with our mobile phones ready to take pictures. People started staring at us ~ 4 decent looking ladies all having cameras aimed at one poster dangling up the railing. Even the sales ladies at the nearest specialty store went out to check on what we are looking at.

Then Belinda, Christy and I went up again so that Northstar can take our picture from above.

Now it's her turn so I went down again and took several shots then up again while taking a few more shots of the poster.

We just laughed off the commotion we caused all for the sake of BYJ. Finally we decided to call it a day ................

Thursday, October 13, 2005

BYJ wins 'Young Artist of Today Award'

I'm so happy with the news I just have to post it here......

Ministry of Culture, chose novelist, Kim Yeonsoo, singer, Ra Yoonseon, etc.

'Yon-sama' BYJ, who has been creating Korean Current hot wind in Japan, was chosen on 13 as a winner of '2005 Young Artist of Today Award' by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Since 1993, the Ministsry of Culture has chosen young artists in their 20~30th with promising future in each field and awarded 'Yong Artist of Today Award'.

In this year 8 people were chosen including BYJ in film section. They are ▲Literature = Writer Kim Yeonsoo(Real name Kim Yongsoo) ▲Fine Art = Artist Jo Seup(Real name Jo Byeongcheol) ▲Music =Vocalist Han Nyeongwon ▲Traditional Art = Korean Musician Lee Yongtak ▲Theaterical drama =Director Lee Haeje(Real name Lee Youngho) ▲Dancing =Ballerina Hwang Jaewon ▲Popular Art section = Jazz singer Ra Yoonseon.

The winners will receive a plaque from Minister of the Ministry of Culture and 5 million won as supplementary prize. The award ceremony will be held at 3 PM on coming 15 at the Sanctuary of Korean Sounc Culture in Cheonjoo City along with 'commemorative ceremony of the Culture Day'.

Reported by Chung Cheonki,ckchung@yna.co.kr, Yonhap News,
Copyright (c)Yonhap News

source: Joanne of BYJ Quilt

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Finally the romanized and hangul lyrics of my favorite track in the OST of April Snow

Breath composed by Kangta

숨이 막혀와 뼛속까지
Sum-i Ma Kyeo Wa, Bbyeo Sok Kkaji

멍든 아픔을 따라
Meong Deun, Apeu Meul Dda Ra

어느새 식어간
Eo Neu Sae Shi Geo Gan Sa go

너의 차가웠던 마지막 목소리
Neo Ui Cha Ga Wot Don, Ma Ji Mak Mok So Ri

미쳐버린 듯 자꾸 흔들리는 눈동자
Mi Chyeo Bo Rin Deut, Cha Ggu Heun Deu Li Neun, Nun Dong Ja

희미해져 버린듯 그 무엇도 볼수가 없어
Hi Mi Hae Jyeo Bo Rin Deut, Keu Mu Eot Do Pol Su Ga Op Seo

눈을 감아도 두귀를 막아도
Nu Neul Ka Ma Do Du Kwi Reul Ma Ga Do

머리를 비워도 애써 참아내도
Mo Ri Reul Pi Wo Do Ae Sseo Cha Ma Nae Do

어쩔수 없는건 어리석은 가슴이
Eo Chol Su Omneun Gon ,Eo Ri Seo Geun Ka Seum-i

말을 듣지 않아서 이토록
Ma Reul Deut Ji Ana Seo, Ito Rok

보고싶은데 미칠것 같은데
Pogo Shi Peun De Mi Chil Got Ga Teun De

사랑했는데 지금도 같은데
Sarang Haen Neun De, Chigeum Do Ga Teun De

어쩔 수 없는 건 나의 모자란 사랑
Eo Chol Su Omneun Gon, Na Ui Mo Ja Ran Sarang

이것밖에 안돼서
Igot Bakke An Dwae Seo


보고싶은데 미칠것 같은데
Pogo Shi Peun De Mi Chil Got Ga Teun De

사랑했는데 난 지금도 같은데
Sarang Haen Neun De Nan Chigeum Do Ga Teun De

어쩔 수 없는 건 나의 모자란 사랑
Eo Chol Su Omneun Gon Na Ui Mo Ja Ran Sarang

이것밖에 안돼서
Igot Bakke An Dwae Seo

나의 모자란 사랑 이것밖에 안돼서
Na Ui Mo Ja Ran Sarang Igot Bakke An Dwae Seoo