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Monday, May 29, 2006

Sharing A Sisters Thoughts

posted by: belinda at Interactive section of www.baewatchphil.com

marissa: I would like to share the thought of a friend and fellow bae fan belinda here since amongst the baewatch sisters I'm the only one active in the blogging world


Once again, through the Korean GQ Interview, our dearest YONG-JOON speaks to us about his sleeplessness, loneliness, and feelings of anxiety over the loss of his privacy--the price he has to pay for being highly successful and visible. Maybe, this is a silent call for help. Maybe, he is just going through a transitional phase and it ain't so smooth. Maybe, all the hoopla he's been getting is much more than he ever bargained for and he is overwhelmed. Or maybe, it is a state-of-mind and he needs to tweak the mindset a bit. Whatever it really is, it doesn't sound good and, of course, we worry about his well-being.

If I could speak to Yong-Joon personally, this is one of a few "LOVING I-WISH-YOU-HAPPINESS TIPS" I would like to share with him ...

There was a man who asked God to give him happiness and God said, "No. My job is to give you blessings. Happiness is up to you."

I hope Yong-Joon's capacity to find happiness does not depend on other things or other people. I hope he will learn to be happy despite his circumstances. I also hope he will never forget that he has a choice. If it's something that will make him lose his spirit and rob him of a higher quality of life, I would rather he walked away from it, let it go.

However he may wish to deal with the price of success and all, I ask him only to let his walk always be a walk with God. In that way, no matter how messy things get, he can't go wrong.

I wish Yong-Joon would also remember that God does not expect us to give beyond our capacity. HE SAYS THERE SHOULD BE A CERTAIN EQUALITY otherwise we would go "bankrupt" and not have anything more to give. That would be very painful for a GIVER like BYJ.

I ask him to breathe more easily. He doesn't have to work too hard. He already is an invaluable gift to us.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Whisper From The Heart

Our “family” in a quandary once again after reading the translated interview of our dear Mr. Bae [thanks Mr. Fumi] for the June issue of GQ, Korea. Such an opposite reaction to the elation we felt when all we saw all those heart stopping black and white photos [see previous post]. Mariko’s writing today in Quilt made sit back and gather my own thought as a fan.

Here is a man who rarely grants interviews both for print and television suddenly expressing his feelings about the kind of life he’s living at the moment. From what I glimpsed, the feelings of loneliness and sadness that he expressed in the late 2004 has not abated . But then, when you are in your mid-thirties one tends to be more contemplative of how much you have accomplished, what you have missed and how the future looks for you. I’ve done it so I’m guessing most of my sisters in baeland had their own moments of reflection too.

I’m thinking the interview was done after the pictorial [notice the mood of the photos] or maybe the writer caught him while he’s in a pensive moment because he agreed to the questions that was raised [normally an advance set of questions are sent for the approval of an artist or his management company] with more emphasis given to the burden he is feeling because of his superstar status. I too felt sad to know how he feels about not enjoying the same freedom that we sometimes take for granted or that he suffered from insomnia due to stress. How he wishes to travel but is restrained because he’s an easy prey to the paparazzi and some over zealous fans. He even addressed the rumor that I've heard late last year about a lady carrying his child. Situations like these can really take it's toll mentally and emotionally.

But such feelings of sadness only comes at certain times or in his own words “sometimes”. It’s an occupational hazard that one has live with. I'm not saying that he's got no right to complain because he chose to be an actor. He is after all a feeling person as human as you and me. But I've gotten to know him as man matured and wise enough to know that everything comes with a price and that he can always challenge himself in a new playing ground if he thinks he's had enough and wants to open a new chapter in his life. Who knows if he is even using the interview to test the water and guage on our reaction.

His success has afforded him the chance to do some of the things he envisions. Key East is his gateway to ensure the continued development of the Korean entertainment industry. His restaurant business showcases his newfound appreciation for a balanced wellbeing by serving healthy meals. BOF is developing new artist that will someday make their own mark in the entertainment industry.

All these things he enjoys because of our continued love and support. So we don’t have to turn our backs so he can have that freedom. We just need to learn temperance so he can have some personal space to breathe and be like us. I must admit it will be hard for we want actually "see" him in person and will grab at whatever chance we could be it at the gym, the dental clinic or salon he frequents. But we must all realize what is too much by imagining what it's like to be in his shoes.

Love after all can be expressed by silent thoughts
for the weary soul needs no words
to feel
the whisper coming from a heart
of someone that truly cares.......

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

When Heaven Smiles!!!

I knew I've blogged about how we have practiced the virtue of patience to the hilt because the man who captured our heart takes his work seriously by taking his sweet time in coming up with projects worthy of our patronage. But he sure knows how to reward those who behaved themselves with heart stopping, mind boggling images that will have us talking about it for a looooooong time.
I feel like so excited I want to join him as he lights up a cigar to calm my nerves....

But then again who needs a smoke when staring at his profile has the same effect.

What a sight, I hope someone up in heaven will continue to smile upon us.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Sigh of Relief

Style posted a news article still written in hangul at the freeboard section of Quilt an hour ago and dear sis Mariko mentioned fire in her reply. Maybe she tried to use an online translator so she can only get few words here and there.

Apparently there was a fire in BYJ's house last May 7 that caused minor damage in his room. Faulty electrical wiring seems to be the cause. The news was not immediately leaked to the media because he doesn't want to alarm all his fans. At the moment he's staying at a hotel in Seoul maybe until the problem has been fixed.

I'm just relieved he is safe, fires are very devastating in fact I'd rather be robbed than have my home gutted by fire. And I'm also touched that even at that instant he still thought of how his family will receive the news so he tried to keep that piece of information private.

Monday, May 15, 2006

And The Journey Continues

It’s been two years (November 2003) since I first laid eyes on the man that made my days worth living again. Like a high school girl on the threshold of discovering the attraction of the opposite sex, I lived my days in a bubble. He occupied my thoughts day and night dreaming of scenarios on how our paths would cross and hoping for that slim chance of catching his attention. His photos adorned my bedside table, my wallet and my pc and I can't stop talking about him to my friends. It went on for months and I plead guilty if I irritated those closest to me but I was head over heels attracted to him.

I can’t remember exactly when I stopped having those silly thoughts and started seeing him in a whole new light. By then I have read countless articles about Bae Yong Joon as a person, separate and distinct from all the characters he has portrayed. By no means did my feelings waver but rather transformed itself in a whole new level. My admiration and respect for him grew leaps and bounds for one cannot fake his true nature and I can't remember ever reading anything unpleasant being said about him by his fans and employees and co-workers.

His dedication and perseverance to achieve the look he wants for his photo book “The Image Vol. 1” showed a strength of character sorely lacking in most of us. He’s compassionate nature never fails to impress his fans and his example has inspired a lot of us to do good deeds big and small.

All through the years, I’ve also seen other dramas and have gotten to know other k- stars. Sometimes I can’t help but wish he accepted more projects like the other leading Hallyu stars that do an average of 3 projects a year not counting their product endorsements. He could have milked his popularity in Japan but he was never greedy. Instead he’s been teaching us by example to look at every opportunity that comes our way but only choose the one that will make us fulfilled as a person.

Time moves fast, season changes but here I am still deeply rooted in Baeland . I may have come to a clear understanding of what kind of love I have for him but it doesn’t stop me from “floating in the air” every time a gorgeous photo of him surfaces in the net just like this one.

Until when you ask? Honestly I don’t know but for now I will remain a fan who is admiring him from afar, silently supporting him in this career choices and hoping that one day he can find his own personal happiness.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Long Wait Is Over

It's been really quiet in baeland for a few weeks now except for the occasional sightings of BYJ attending social functions or those rare instances when his fans get a chance of bumping into him while he goes about his daily life while preparing for his upcoming drama GKFG. So this blog took a rest while my personal blog got more attention.

Finally after a few months of waiting for more concrete news on his new drama, bb posted in her blog that GKFG has finally and officially started shooting this month and BYJ more likely to start before the month ends.

And the most notable piece of news for me is that MBC will broadcast it this October and not February 2007 as earlier announced. And just maybe the DVD with english subtitle will be released before the year ends (keeping my fingers crossed). Just thinking about all these things puts a smile on my face.