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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Reason Why It's Hard To Be An Actor's Girlfriend

It seems just about every woman out there has had at least one sweet dream of being the star's girlfriend. I'm listing some reasons why it can be hard for us to do so. I'm not insinuating that BYJ fans are mean and bitter and fill never allow him to find a mate because we are exactly the opposite. Still the following is a common enough scenario if one chooses to get involed with a celebrity irregardless of which part of the globe you come from.

* Your private life will be all over the internet

* All those photos from your childhood till your teen years including those unflattering graduation pictures that you long wanted to burn but dared not because your parents will kill you will be duplicated a million times on the net.

* All your enemies will be more than eager to spill out your most embarrasing moments that you wish never happened.

* The moment you take your vows you will be public enemy no. 1 of the countless other women who desired to be in your shoes.

* Pictures of you buying some expensive bag or trinket will be posted on various forums and message board with comments like "all she does is stay at home and spend the hard earned money of their idol".

* If you are pretty, people will credit the wonders of plastic surgery. If you're not, better steel yourself. You can't imagine the mean things people can say about you.

* Even if you look alright people will still say you are ugly.

* Whenever you happen to have a lovers quarrel you have to keep your mouth shut. Any hint of complaint coming from you will cause a buzz on the web insinuating your impending break-up.

* You must smile at all times, look cross just once and your photo will be splashed accross the tabloids under the headline "Actor BYJ's Marriage In Crisis?" Or they will say you are a bitch on the web boards.

* Be on high alert in fending criticisms once his acting level drops in his current drama or movie.

* Whenever you go the paparrazi will be right behind you. And since people will regognize you, you won't be able to go to the nearby convenience store, market or even take out the garbage without make-up and a decent wardrobe.


Blogger bb said...

thanks for sharing this, marissa.

actually, not just GF. i was pretty upset over one incident recently. a picture of yong joon with a female fan [taken in may 2003] surfaced recently. i saw on a chinese website [not loveyongjoon.com] that some so-called fans were and are still saying some pretty nasty things about the girl.

some said she's ugly, some said she's fat. some said looking at her gave them some hope, coz they thought they look better. and... i don't want to go on anymore.

the truth is the lady in the picture looked perfectly pretty to me. not fat, not ugly at all.

and... so what if she is? i'm sure she had posted or shared that picture because she was so happy/excited that she got a picture with him, and so wanted to share with other fans. was that wrong? would we rather she didn't share? why did the so-called fellow fans have to be so nasty about it?

i was and still am upset at the 'quality' of the fans i saw on that website.

i'm very glad i didn't post outright my picture with yong joon. god knows what sort of comments that would attract... sighs... imagine, if even a fan had to go through that, what more his GF?

yea, you're so right. it can't be easy.

8:37 PM

Blogger marissa said...


I feel sorry for that lady for getting maligned when her intention is just to share her happiness in having the luck to have a photo with our dear Yong Joon.

Maybe that's the reason why BYJ was so protective her last known GF that he requested all her photos removed from the net.

11:59 AM

Anonymous jaime said...

Hi marissa,

love your list of reasons, so funny yet so true. This reminds me of the late Princess Diana. Both her private and public life were so transparent to the world that she became the most miserable woman in the world (despite being so beautiful, famous, wealthy and admired)! Now her son Prince William and Yong Joon are also under such watchful eyes as the whole world is waiting to see who they choose as their wives. Takes someone with unusual strength to handle these pressure.

Thanks for sharing

10:06 AM

Blogger marissa said...


Yong Joon will really need someone who is confident in who she is to handle the unusual attention that will be on her way.

2:16 PM

Blogger mrs a said...

I have been thinking about this...

you know in all honesty, regardless what they say (and she could be the loveliest in the world)what matters is that they love each other. I am so afraid that he is looking for the ideal mate. It doesn't always work that way.
I believe that is what happened to Prince Charles. The pressure was there!
And I am sure the pressure from others to find this such ideal person is on from his business, family and possibly from fans too!

Sometimes the package outside doesn't truly represent the loving person inside. There is a movie called THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS that tells about this. I found that to be true alot.

I truly believe love conquers all. If they have a strong love then nothing can touch them, because they will handle it TOGETHER.

So, I am a true romantic!

9:54 PM


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