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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

On Liezle's Post

Fellow blogger liezle is asking for our comment on an entry she made in her blog and since I need time to put my thoughts in writing I’m only posting my thoughts now.

I limit my visits in soompi to certain threads in the k-drama section since not everyone is matured and reasonable in their adulation for their fave celebrities. And I hate to ruin my day by reading negative and baseless comments. This brings us back to what was insinuated by that lady “you need to be respected and loved in your home country before you take over other countries”. Who gave her the idea that Yong Joon was never respected and/or loved by his countrymen? He may not be the hottest star doing back-to-back movies and television dramas but nonetheless everyone (meaning from people in the entertainment industry to ordinary citizens living in Korea and in other countries) acknowledges the fact the Hallyu phenomenon started with Yong Joon. Even their economist attributes a certain portion of their 2004 and 2005 economic growth directly to him.

I had to laugh when I think of him taking over another country because it was never his intention. It’s his earnest wish that Korea can strike a balance of cultural exchange with the countries that are now deep into everything and anything Korea. He is never selfish in his thoughts and actions.

I pity those who make generalized comments and sweeping statements without even doing research. It may take time but at least they could have backed her statements with facts rather than their own biased opinion.


Blogger bb said...

hear hear, marissa, hear hear...

7:44 PM

Blogger liezle said...

hi marissa thanks for your comments.

i cannot help jumping from one thread to another in soompi. ^^ anyway, i'm actually a person who doesn't get mad easily when reading negative comments about yong joon.

but this comment somehow made me post it in my blog and ask for opinions/comments.

like you i also pity people who make comments without basis. regardless who they comment on.

thanks sis and hope to see you sometime. ^^

8:11 PM


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