We all take different roads as we traverse in this journey called life. Let me lead you to my day to day discovery and the simple joy I found as a fan of BAE YONG YOON.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

BYJ, Still On Top

I don't normally bother participating in those online polls aimed at finding who is the hottest korean star, the most handsome, who you want to spend valentine with and the likes. But I feel very proud when our dear Yong Joon still manages to be on the list and at times being numero uno (#1). Have you read cam and frances latest entries in Quilt about him being awarded in China for being one of the Top Hallyu Stars, if not then do check them out.

I know that if only his fans will really put their heart in voting in all those polls, there's a great chance of their sites crashing from the millions of votes that will pour in. It's no joke because most of his fans are just silently supporting him, just one call and an overwhelming show of support will be manifested. So we are doing them a favor by just being selective of what polls to support but to those sisters who are showing their love by monitoring them and keeping us posted, my heartfelt thanks to you.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Road to Kyrgyzstan

Our dear baesis Gaulsan just translated a news article on BYJ's Quilt about the upcoming shoot of BYJ for TWSSG (Legend) to Kyrgyzstan on the 21st of September.

I've only heard about that country during my classes in Asian and World History and by watching a documentary on Marco Polo. But beyond that I have very little knowledge of the country and its people. But there's nothing that a few clicks of the keyboard won't do for us so you may want to check out Lonely Planet . And for those planning to visit the country for that chance of seeing BYJ then go check this site for more info about how to get there, accomodations and other tourist attactions. Meanwhile for dreamers like me who wishes to one day travel to exotic places around the globe if I happen to be fortunate enough to stumble upon a ginnie in a bottle, I'm sharing some photos of the countries landscape to start with.

Tien-Shan's wild valleys

Lets just make use of our fertile minds and imagine our dear Yong Joon clad in his armour and riding proudly on a beautiful stallion accross the plains and valleys as he battle it out against his opponents.

Monday, September 11, 2006

BYJ as Damdeok Is Finally Revealed

At long last as clear image of how BYJ will look like in his new drama TWSSG and suddenly I'm a little girl again dreaming of a prince to fulfill my fairytale fanstasies.

Wedding Bells for Manager Wee

Wee Seung Chul (위승철, 29) who is the marketing sector director of the entertainment agency BOF will wed actress Jang Shin Young (장신영, 22)in November. They were introduced to each other in 2004 by the stylist of the movie “When Spring Comes (꽃피는 봄이 오면)” led by JSY. They have been dating since then.

Thee representative of BOF states, “They have been maintaining good relationship for more than one year. We know their decision of getting married recently.” The representation of JSY’s agency “Ana Film (아나필름)” states, “Currently, JSY is taking a break at home after she completed her recent filming for a movie. We don’t know the details of the plan of the wedding ceremony yet.” Mr. Wee has good friendships with top stars such as So Ji Sub, Kwon Sang Woo, and Lee Byung Hun. Since her debut in 2001, JSY has been performing in dramas such as “Pretty Woman (MBC)” and “Next” as well as movies “When Spring Comes “, “Red Eye” and “My Boyfriend’s Diary”.

Source: http://www.mydaily.co.kr/news/read.html?newsid=200609081002341110

Keeping It Hot

Our dear Yong Joon really knows how to create a stir amongst us his fans who are patiently waiting for any crumb of news or a photo of him. Just saw some photos posted by flowerbossa in her blog and boy isn't he HOT!!!
My personal favorite!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

BYJ Now In Jeju

At long last a proof that he is really starting with his shoot. BYJ arrived at the airport in Jeju at around 8:30 pm. yesterday and was greeted by about 200 Japanese fans at the airport.

He started his shoot today but with a lot of difficulties. Seems fans are flocking to the location and caused delays because Yong Joon cannot get out of his car. Reading this kind of news makes me sad because such delays cause loss in productivity and money. I'm not sure how production people and extras are paid in Korea but in the Philippines it's on a per day basis. No work no pay. I'm sure they have anticipated the said problem a long time ago but there seems to be some loopholes in whatever plans they made. I'm just hoping there won't be a repeat of what happened just now.