We all take different roads as we traverse in this journey called life. Let me lead you to my day to day discovery and the simple joy I found as a fan of BAE YONG YOON.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Real Gentlemen

I just read a translation of the article posted by suehan at the freeboard section of BYJ Quilt that will appear on the March 2007 issue of GQ Korea. I found it interesting that writer tried to make Yong Joon say that he is a gentlemen.

Webster defines gentlemen as "a man whose conduct conforms to a high standard of propriety or correct behavior". And Yong Joon fits that description based on what I've observed from watching countless vods and reading articles about him through all these years as a fan. But it's not just me or countless other fans but even people who are close to him, had a chance to work with him attest to his gentle manner and conduct with anyone he's in contact with.

He is a man who is never boastful of what he has achieved although he has all the rights to do so. And so it was no surprise that he just gave his idea on what is a gentlemen but never said that he is one. And so with a smile I say amen to the last line by the editor Cho Kyung Ah in the said article "But, he is a gentleman. Because I don’t want to call a person, who says that ‘I am a gentleman’, a gentleman...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hybernation Mode?

It's been a while since my last blog entry, no let me rephrase that...my blog entries of late are to sparse when compared to the past. Is it an indication that I'm moving on, or have I moved on to a new phase in my being a fan of Yong Joon.

I would like to think it's the latter, after all I still check on what's new with him everyday. But unlike before, I'm content with reading news about him but I'm not participating actively in the forums as I use to. Or maybe because there's not much to talk about this days. He is still in the midst of shooting TWSSG so maybe when it starts airing a new breath of energy will come forth to make me and my blog active and alive again.

Till then I'm stamping my entry with an artwork from my fave nagajun that was posted in soompi by fellow bae blogger liezle.

Monday, February 05, 2007

TWSSG Banned in China

I just read two articles today one from English Chosun, and the other from KBS Global
on the criticism by the Chinese government on BYJ's current drama "Taewangsashingi" because of issues on the historical accuracy. In fact they have already imposed a press embargo and has banned its broadcast in the said country.

I'm not an authority on the history between China and Koguryo Dynasty of Korea so I will not attempt to make sense on why the Chinese government made such a decision. I hope some of our sisters here who are well versed on the subject matter can help out. All I know is that both countries are sensitive about the interpretation of what transpired during those times.

I'm sure the staff of TWSSG is already aware of the situation so let's see what will happen as the filming transpires.