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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

When My Patience Is Running Low

The waiting game for Yong Joon's next drama is testing our patience with shooting only to start mid-March and the drama to be shown sometime next year. It's during this times that I remember the corny joke of my aunt in Canada when I complain of things not going according to plans "Go to the store and grab some Pasencia (Filipino cookies)! Haaay, I'll be gaining weight and not losing them if I eat them everytime I need some patience.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Can't Get Over You

Aish! Just when my heart is back to normal after seeing his photo, here comes another one. The hair, the nose, those kissable lips, chest made for hugging and those sexy hands that begs to be touched..... needs to fan myself

Key East, BYJ's Dream of Introducing Korea to the World

Sohn Ilhyeong(from the left of the photo), CEO at IMX, Moon Kyuhak, CEO at the SoftBank Korea, Bae Seongwoong, CEO at BOF are having press conference announcing the making of the top Asian media company on 20.

BYJ’s investment of his 9 billion won earning last year to establish Key East in partnership with Soft Bank has made news a few days ago. Their aim is to sustain the Korean Current that has hit all of Asia and expand it across Europe and America with BYJ personally producing the Korean Current contents such as entertainment and music with competitive power by utilizing IPTV.

I’m not gonna lie is saying I understand the nature and scope of work that Yong Joon is putting himself into. I’ve never heard of IPTV before but that’s the joy of the internet, we can always do research at a flick of our fingers.

Apparently, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is basically a way of getting TV transmitted over high-speed internet connections. The conventional tv that we are used to is usually sent to our sets by cable, satellite, or through the air, as analogue or digital signals. IPTV means video data is sent across the net in packets of data. It can then be stored on a server and sent to computers or straight to special set-top boxes, over ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber lines), or cable lines. IPTV can be in the form of live TV, but more usually as stored video - sometimes known as video on demand (VOD). To watch IPTV, a person sitting at home needs a computer, or set-top box, plugged into the TV. I’m familiar with VOD and I’ve already watched some live tv on the net but I still experience delays even if I’m using a broadband connection. Most of the time I end up hearing the audio before seeing the actual clip.

The programs being broadcasted through IPTV can be paused, and re-wound, as they can with personal digital video recorders, like the Sky+ box. Reminds of TEVO in the US that I’ve wanted to have here in the Philippines.

But realistically, until broadband speeds are a standard above the current entry level of 1Mbps of 2Mbps, it is unlikely to be widespread. It may take five to seven years before there will be a single pipe coming into our homes that will be capable of carrying our voice calls, standard broadband data connection, and TV and net radio stations.

Since IPTV is still in the infant stages around the world, I can see why BYJ decided to venture in this type of business. He has the understanding of the inner workings of the entertainment industry having been in the business for more than a decade. BOF has a roster of new talents that they have been training so they can have another avenue of exposure for them. It’s been mentioned that he made initial talks with SM Entertainment and with the screen quota more likely to be final, I’m sure they will see Key East as a partnership worth exploring as an alternative in marketing their talents. And lastly he has the luxury of time to think and prepare programs that will be acceptable not just to Asians but to the rest of the world.

Monday, February 20, 2006

I Love Your Smile

I've been missing him for a long time now so I lost it for a few seconds when I saw this photo. My gosh, he's hair is gorgeous, his smile sublime and his body.... his body.... what can I say but just perfect!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

How True?

Surfing the net for news when I read about Park Yong Ha's upcoming album launch in Japan. What caught my attention is the following statement.

"During the showcase, Park received a question on whether or not he would participate in the on-going protest on the campaign to preserve the screen quota system in Korea. Park replied that he is willing to participate in the rallies and that he heard Bae Yong-joon is preparing for the relay of the one-man demonstrations. "

How true? Your guess is as good as mine....

Monday, February 13, 2006

My Valentine Wish!

To friends I made whom I never met
My wishes I share thee

May your life be rich with love
May your days be filled with laughter
And may our circle of friendship prosper
not just now but forever.....

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Yong Joon Are You Joining Them?

Originally uploaded by marissa_p.
The Korean Government announced last January 27 that they will reduce the quota of local films that must be screened to 73 movies starting July in order to accomodate more foreign movies specifically those made in Hollywood. As expected the news generated a negative response from the korean movie industry.

For those not familiar with the quota system, Korea first introduced the screen quota in 1966. In 1985, when the nation liberalized imports of foreign films, the guideline was set higher to two-fifths from one-third. However, the system didn't function properly because local theaters often violated rules and authorities were enforcing the rules. Since a screen quota watchdog was launched in 1993, however, the system has been operating smoothly with support from the booming local movie industry. Beginning in the late 1990s, economy-related ministries have raised the need for the quota's reduction as the United States increased its pressure. In response, producers and actors began to step up their efforts to defend the screen quota and shield the Korean film industry. Meanwhile, the Coalition for Cultural Diversity in Moving Images representing supporters of the quota said “the decision, giving in to arrogant US trade pressure... is an anti-cultural coup d'etat in itself” and went on to vow that the coalition will strive to save the quota till the bitter end using any and all means available. Its members demanded that the US stop applying trade pressure immediately and that the government scrap its decision to halve the screen quota.

However, I don't think their government will give in because they see this as an opportunity for a free trade agreement with the US and an increase in their export of korean made products. In the economist point of view, this is the best course of action.

Starting last Saturday (February4) veteran actor Ahn Sung-ki started his protest at the front of Gwanghwamun Street in downtown Seoul. The next day had Park Joong-hoon, then Jang Dong Gun and Choi Min-shik. Today at 1:00 in front of a Cathedral a large group of stars including Ji Jin-hee, Lee Byun-heun, Lee Na-young, Han Chae-young, Song Yun-ah, Kang dong-won, & Soo-ae joined in the street protest.

I made me wonder what BYJ's stand on the issue and how he express his point of view. I remember him stating the need for a more unilateral cultural exchange between Korea and other countries. But Yong Joon is also very patriotic so he may also share the sentiments of his fellow actors. In that case, will he just issue a statement through BOF or will he go as far as join the others in their street protest.

Just me thinking...... What about you?

Friday, February 03, 2006

A Drop of Rain IN the Desert

Ok, so I said I like his brooding look better but after almost two months of waiting, I felt like jumping when I saw this picture taken by a japanese fan who accidentally saw him going to the Loft last January 20. That smile is so genuine you can't help but grin too!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Freedom is A Right

Forewarned: I'm just expressing my personal opinion without intention of hurting anyone's feelings or appear to be condescending so I hope I won't get flanked with this.

Honestly, I've been debating with myself if I should blog about it but then again, this is the purpose of coming up with your own site. To have a venue to express what I feel which I may not be comfortable to share in the other sites.

So what is all the fuzz about? As I was checking the various sites for any news about our MAN as we all do I came upon this article posted by Joanne "Japanese tourists visiting dental clinic BYJ frequents by [Joongang Daily]1/31/06 19:14" . The feeling of sadness hasn't escaped me until now because I felt BYJ's world becoming smaller and smaller. It's one thing to visit the drama sites, location shooting if he doing any work, Park BOF, Lotte and The Loft but it's another thing to reseach where he lives, the places where he dines with friends, have his hair cut, his dental works (get my drift?) for that slim chance of seeing him in person. We all know BYJ does a good job of keeping away from the limelight if he wants to and finds the need to do so but his movements are more constrained and his options getting limited as his popularity increases. Imagine how much harder it will be to book an appointment to these places, should he do it at dawn or how about late at night where the chance of him being sighted will be slimmer.

The business side in me says why not, they have the money to pay for those services. And they infuse the capital of Korea adding to the current GNP contribution of BYJ to their economy. He may not be paid to do endorsements for these shops but his good hearted nature will be more than please that his popularity is helping their business grow. But there are intangible cost as well.

I know it's not cheap to go everseas and we all want to maximize our chances of seeing Yong Joon in the flesh. But I just hope we can cut a line on how far we can go without invading his personal space. Freedom after all is a right not a priviledge, and I sincerely wish that he can enjoy what is rightfully his.

Peace everyone .......