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Monday, June 05, 2006

Welcome To The Family

Reading bb's newest entry in her blog reminded me of a long delayed plan of mine to update my links. I never even knew michelle has a separate blogspot account cuz I always visit her livejournal.

I'm so happy to see more people joining us in our blogging about anything and everything BYJ. Of course it did not stop there, as you may have noticed there are some of us who keeps more than one blog like tiffany's blog dedicated to anything korean or a personal blog like mine.
So to Tania, flowerbossa and happieh welcome and hope to read more from you.

To jaime and all the other newbies and silent readers of my blog a warm hug to all of you. I hope that we may be of help to you in knowing more about the man who touched our hearts.


Blogger bb said...

hee... i heard a few people would start their daily blog-reading from my blog, and then move down the list from my sidebar... boy, do i feel like launchpad :p

9:18 PM

Blogger marissa said...

hi bb,

you are the best launchpad for any blogger since you have the most extensive must read on our man.

9:40 AM

Anonymous jaime said...

Thanks Marissa for the warm welcome! You and the other sisters were so kind in extending your hands to me when I joined the family. I have to admit it was a bit scary to introduce myself at first since I am a shy person, plus this is not actually a fan club that we can talk to each other face to face (not that I know any other fan club).

Without the warmth and generosity and helpfulness from you ladies, this BYJ journey would not have been easy. Really appreciate it and please take care!

love .... Jaime

12:20 PM

Blogger marissa said...


I've been a newbie once and I was lucky to be welcomed and embraced by the more senior (and I'm not talking of age here) bae sisters. So what comes around goes around and I'm sure you will do the same to the others who will come after you.

Take care and have a nice day.

1:36 PM

Blogger tiffany said...

Marissa, I tried writing a comment in your blog 4 nights ago and the $53#2& blogspot wouldn't let me. *Tiffany sulking*

But thanks for telling people about my blog. Like you, I have lots to catch up too... on the various blogs.

I still think it was suicidal of me to have 2 blogs.. but I've already started.... can't stop now.

2:12 AM

Blogger marissa said...


You have one of the most interesting blogs around so it's my pleasure to spread the word.

10:30 AM


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