We all take different roads as we traverse in this journey called life. Let me lead you to my day to day discovery and the simple joy I found as a fan of BAE YONG YOON.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

He Is Back In Korea

Just when you thought your heart is back to normal after the deluge last weekend, here comes another set of heart stopping photos taken after he arrived in Korea around 4:30pm.

source: as labelled
posted by inkorea at BYJ Quilt freeboard

Monday, July 24, 2006

BYJ At The Opening Of "Gosireh"

I've been away from my notebook for the past two days so as usual I was late in seeing his latest photos takes during the ceremony called "kosa" for the opening of "Gosireh" in Japan. Are my eyes playing tricks on me or is Yong Joon really getting younger and younger everytime I see him. He looks so fresh and inspired in the photos that came out. I have to prepare myself to see him in full costume cause I have a hint that I will fall in love all over again once it comes out.

Friday, July 21, 2006

BYJ In Heroine 6??????

Anyone watching Heroine 6 on KBS2? If so then you are familiar with the game Dibi dibi dip! Another baesis Twinmom posted this hilarious screencaps in KOB and dear Gaulsan shared it at Quilt.

The object of the said game is for a group of players to defeat the masked player within 60 seconds by not doing the same action he does.

Now let's imagine our Yong Joon going up against the masked alien for a while......

Dibi dibi dip!!!

Dibi dibi dip!!!

Dibi dibi dip!!!

Dibi dibi dip!!!

BYJ And The Holey Shirt Is Back

You must be hiding somewhere if you haven't heard the news that BYJ came out from "hybernation" and flew to Japan for some activities, here's the official annoucement from JOB. I was waiting for any picture of his arrival but nothing surfaced until this morning thanks to mikann3 who scanned an article in a japanese newspaper.

Omo, he looks so handsome and is that my fave holey shirt? It must be real comfy but it does turn the heat on! I can't wipe the smile off my face that is until I read bb's translation of an appeal posted in JOB. I can understand her apprehension in translating this but I know majority of our Japanese sisters will understand the gravity of the situation and will heed the call.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

BYJ, Beautiful Within

His face appearance first captured my heart but it's his beautiful soul that touched me deeply and is the reason why I'm still a fan to this day.

Yong Joon is a man that acknowledges the universal truth that sayeth "To whom much is given, much is expected in return". During the tsunami that hit South East Asia in 2004, he made a generous donation to World Vision that triggered a chain reaction, with his "family" making substantial contribution not just to World Vision but to various charitable institutions helping in the relief operations. I'm sure he shared is blessings in countless ways unknown to us because he never craved publicity.

Before he left for Japan this morning, he made another act of kindness those who are affected by the floods that hit their country, read about it here. I'm sure it will go a long way in easing the burden of those affected.

If only more people will be like him, our world will be a better place to live in.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Long Wait Is Over

Joanne just translated a news article that says our dear Yong Joon started shooting for his part in the epic drama GKFG last Tuesday, if you haven't read it yet then click here. I'm sure there will be a collective sigh of relief from everybody in baeland since we can now expect an influx of photos and articles as the shooting of the major stars progresses.

I can already imagine calls being made to travel agents as bookings for trips to Jeju are being arranged. I know our bae sisters are very well behaved so I hope that some of the shooting will be open to his adoring fans.

Good luck to those who will make the trip, fighting!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Yong Joon, I Wish To Thank You

For being the light in my times of darkness when
I never could have survived until you touched my heart.

For your being my constant source of inspiration
amidst the daily hustle and bustle that I go through.

For being the best example I can ever have,
compassionate in your heart ,
and stirring in your thoughts.

For being the best example of what I should aspire for,
doing the best in all that I do.

And if I've been amiss in saying this to you,
With all sincerity I say.....

thank you

marissa 7/12/06
artwork by nagajun and posted by frances in soompi

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I saw this in one of the forums I regularly visit that is not BYJ related and I want to share it with you.

Fandom is focus. Fandom is obsession. Fandom is insatiable consumption. Fandom is sitting for hours in front of a TV screen a movie screen a computer screen with a comic book a novel on your lap. Fandom is eyestrain and carpal tunnel syndrome and not enough exercise and staying up way, way past your bedtime. (fandom is instant technical know how on downloading, uploading, making websites, forums, videos and just about anything related to the world wide web. fandom is exorbitant electricity and dsl fees)

Fandom is people you don't tell your mother you're meeting. Fandom is people in the closet, people out and proud, people in costumes, people in T-shirts with slogans only fifty others would understand. Fandom is a loud dinner conversation scaring the waiter and every table nearby. (fandom is people you sometimes tell your mother, you're meeting though she absolutely cannot understand what on earth would you still be talking about when you see each other, that you havent discussed, dissected, and digressed on the forums, emails, sms, and phonecalls. fandom is staying for more than four hours in the mall's food center with the occasional trip to starbucks)

Fandom is you in the US and me in the Philippines and him in Korea and her in Japan. Fandom is a sofabed in Singapore, a roadtrip in Hawaii, a friend behind a face in Malaysia. Fandom talks past timezones and accents and backgrounds. Fandom is conversation. Communication. Contact.

Fandom is drama. Fandom is melodrama. Fandom is high school. Fandom is Snacky's law and Godwin's law and Murphy's law. Fandom is smarter than you. Fandom is stupider than you. Fandom is five arguments over and over and over again. Fandom is the first time you've ever had them. (fandom is feeling sadness, hurt, anger, joy, elation all in the span of one day, over news that absolutely has NO obvious and direct relevance to your everyday life - ouch! ahahahaha)

Fandom is female. Fandom is male. Fandom lets female play at being male. Fandom bends gender, straight, gay, prude, promiscuous. Fandom is fantasy. Fandom doesn't care about norms or taboos or boundaries. Fandom cares too much about norms and taboos and boundaries. Fandom is not real life. Fandom is closer than real life. Fandom knows what you're really like in the bedroom. Fandom is how you would never, could never be in the bedroom.

Fandom is shipping, never shipping, het, slash, gen, none of the above, more than the above. Fandom is love for characters you didn't create. Fandom is recreating the characters you didn't create. Fandom is appropriation, subversion, dissention. Fandom is adoration, extrapolation, imitation. Fandom is dissection, criticism, interpretation. Fandom is changing, experimenting, attempting. (fandom is IMX, Broasia, cdjapan, hmv, kinokuniya, yesasia, SINO center etc. etc. etc. - shipping lah? )

Fandom is creating. Fandom is drawing, painting, vidding: nine seasons in four minutes of love. Fandom is words, language, authoring. Fandom is essays, stories, betas, parodies, filks, zines, usenet posts, blog posts, message board posts, emails, chats, petitions, wank, concrit, feedback, recs. Fandom is writing for the first time since you were twelve. Fandom is finally calling yourself a writer. ( fandom is expression of a creative genius you may or may never know existed within you. and the best part - a matter of perspective really, you enjoy doing it even though you dont get PAID for it)

Fandom is signal and response. Fandom is a stranger moving you to tears, anger, laughter. Fandom is you moving a stranger to speak. ( fandom is subtitles and no subtitles, bad and good dubbing and everything in between. fandom is habitual marathon, overnight videofests. )

Fandom is distraction. Fandom is endangering your job, your grades, your relationships, your bank account. Fandom gets no work done. Fandom is too much work. Fandom was/is just a phase. Fandom could never be just a phase. Fandom is where you found a friend, a sister, a kindred spirit. Fandom is where you found a talent, a love, a reason. (fandom is insanity and sanity, spending hard-earned money for a 7 day trip, a seat at a concert or a movie premiere, a meet and greet, and knowing it was well worth it. fandom is workdone when you should be WORKING really. fandom is where i found BAE YONG JOON!!! and where i found you (yes guys..)

Fandom is where you found yourself....(MAYBE.... ahahaha)

Monday, July 10, 2006

BYJ with Lee Young Ae

Here's more old clips of our dear Yong Joon with his co-star in the drama Papa and more widely known as Janggeum in the drama Jewel in the Palace, Ms. Lee Young Ae for LG Credit Card.
You know the drill to watch just click here, here and here.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

AS Director's Cut Movie Tickets Now On Sale

Our dear sister tomato99 just translated the latest news here about the advance ticket sales for the Directors Cut of April Snow movie showing *lucky, lucky japanese sisters*

Those who will watch will get anyone of this special postcards:

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Not So Typical Morning

Since I'm still in my nostalgic mood and checking my precious bae clips collection, I'm sharing some of my favorites here. One is a CF he made for LG Home Shopping with our dear Yong Joon acting what I always imagined as a typical morning is for him, go and check it here

And remember his old Taster's Choice CF that had most bae sisters making their own brew and enjoying their cuppa while relaxing in their tub. Wanna get inspired again then click here

Monday, July 03, 2006

Thinking Of You
When the morning sun streams
through my window pane
I think you ....…..
Did you have a restful sleep
Just as I do.

As I go about my daily work
you are never far behind
Your images surrounding me
never fails to keep me inspired.

At night before sleep calls on me
I look at the stars and say a prayer
You may be out of sight for a while
But I know it'’s but temporary.

So until such time
When you reveal yourself again
I'’ll look deep into my treasure filled memories
Of my days as your fan through all these years.

marissa 07/01/06