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Friday, July 21, 2006

BYJ In Heroine 6??????

Anyone watching Heroine 6 on KBS2? If so then you are familiar with the game Dibi dibi dip! Another baesis Twinmom posted this hilarious screencaps in KOB and dear Gaulsan shared it at Quilt.

The object of the said game is for a group of players to defeat the masked player within 60 seconds by not doing the same action he does.

Now let's imagine our Yong Joon going up against the masked alien for a while......

Dibi dibi dip!!!

Dibi dibi dip!!!

Dibi dibi dip!!!

Dibi dibi dip!!!


Blogger Toujours_BYJ said...

I don't know this game but I love twinmom's humour, so cute and funny.

6:52 PM

Blogger mrs a said...

Sorry, I am lost? Are they playing scissors, paper, rocK? Sorry so dumb!

5:13 AM

Blogger marissa said...


twinmom is really funny, I enjoy her sense of humor.

10:39 AM

Blogger marissa said...

yes mrs a they are playing rock, scissor,paper.

10:40 AM


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