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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Sigh of Relief

Style posted a news article still written in hangul at the freeboard section of Quilt an hour ago and dear sis Mariko mentioned fire in her reply. Maybe she tried to use an online translator so she can only get few words here and there.

Apparently there was a fire in BYJ's house last May 7 that caused minor damage in his room. Faulty electrical wiring seems to be the cause. The news was not immediately leaked to the media because he doesn't want to alarm all his fans. At the moment he's staying at a hotel in Seoul maybe until the problem has been fixed.

I'm just relieved he is safe, fires are very devastating in fact I'd rather be robbed than have my home gutted by fire. And I'm also touched that even at that instant he still thought of how his family will receive the news so he tried to keep that piece of information private.


Blogger bb said...

the chinese have this belief, think the koreans too... that this augurs well for the drama... red hot red hot!

yea... thank god no one's hurt...

12:20 AM

Blogger marissa said...

Hi bb,

I was actually wondering about that belief because it's been mentioned in some of the news feeds that are coming out. I can't recall us Filipinos having similar sayings.

12:59 PM


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