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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Long Wait Is Over

It's been really quiet in baeland for a few weeks now except for the occasional sightings of BYJ attending social functions or those rare instances when his fans get a chance of bumping into him while he goes about his daily life while preparing for his upcoming drama GKFG. So this blog took a rest while my personal blog got more attention.

Finally after a few months of waiting for more concrete news on his new drama, bb posted in her blog that GKFG has finally and officially started shooting this month and BYJ more likely to start before the month ends.

And the most notable piece of news for me is that MBC will broadcast it this October and not February 2007 as earlier announced. And just maybe the DVD with english subtitle will be released before the year ends (keeping my fingers crossed). Just thinking about all these things puts a smile on my face.


Blogger bb said...

honestly i've learnt not to have too high hopes when it comes to screening dates of yong joon's work. likely to be late..?

10:39 PM

Blogger marissa said...


I'm still praying that if ever there is a delay in the final screening date it will still be in 2006.

11:09 AM


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