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Monday, May 29, 2006

Sharing A Sisters Thoughts

posted by: belinda at Interactive section of www.baewatchphil.com

marissa: I would like to share the thought of a friend and fellow bae fan belinda here since amongst the baewatch sisters I'm the only one active in the blogging world


Once again, through the Korean GQ Interview, our dearest YONG-JOON speaks to us about his sleeplessness, loneliness, and feelings of anxiety over the loss of his privacy--the price he has to pay for being highly successful and visible. Maybe, this is a silent call for help. Maybe, he is just going through a transitional phase and it ain't so smooth. Maybe, all the hoopla he's been getting is much more than he ever bargained for and he is overwhelmed. Or maybe, it is a state-of-mind and he needs to tweak the mindset a bit. Whatever it really is, it doesn't sound good and, of course, we worry about his well-being.

If I could speak to Yong-Joon personally, this is one of a few "LOVING I-WISH-YOU-HAPPINESS TIPS" I would like to share with him ...

There was a man who asked God to give him happiness and God said, "No. My job is to give you blessings. Happiness is up to you."

I hope Yong-Joon's capacity to find happiness does not depend on other things or other people. I hope he will learn to be happy despite his circumstances. I also hope he will never forget that he has a choice. If it's something that will make him lose his spirit and rob him of a higher quality of life, I would rather he walked away from it, let it go.

However he may wish to deal with the price of success and all, I ask him only to let his walk always be a walk with God. In that way, no matter how messy things get, he can't go wrong.

I wish Yong-Joon would also remember that God does not expect us to give beyond our capacity. HE SAYS THERE SHOULD BE A CERTAIN EQUALITY otherwise we would go "bankrupt" and not have anything more to give. That would be very painful for a GIVER like BYJ.

I ask him to breathe more easily. He doesn't have to work too hard. He already is an invaluable gift to us.


Blogger bb said...

thanks, marissa, for sharing belinda's heartfelt words. can almost feel the love emanating from those words... thanks.

8:13 PM

Blogger Toujours_BYJ said...

Hi Marissa, thanks for sharing Belinda's posting, yes, he's an invaluable gift for us.

1:02 AM

Blogger marissa said...

Hi bb & camille,

I'm happy to share the thoughts of one silent fan on BYJ's thoughts.

9:38 AM

Anonymous jaime said...

Thanks Marissa for sharing Belinda's beautiful thoughts. Yes, we do have a choice in every step we take. God would not ask us to carry more than we can bear. I hope Yong Joon will refer back to his Catholic faith and find comfort and peace in God's love.

Oh boy, I feel like I am giving a sermon here in your blog! Chung-mai Kam-sam-hamnida! (I'll find out how I should say this in Tagalog next time, ok?) Anyway, thanks for sharing this lovely piece! Take care!

12:05 PM

Anonymous jaime said...

oops, sorry Marissa! I meant Jeu-sum-hamnida! (means sorry, right?)

8:42 PM

Blogger marissa said...

Hi Jaime,

Thanks for appreciating Belinda's writing.You are right in saying that God only gives us a cross that we can carry. I hope he can find peace in his faith.

Have a pleasant day.

11:31 AM


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