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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

BYJ Now In Jeju

At long last a proof that he is really starting with his shoot. BYJ arrived at the airport in Jeju at around 8:30 pm. yesterday and was greeted by about 200 Japanese fans at the airport.

He started his shoot today but with a lot of difficulties. Seems fans are flocking to the location and caused delays because Yong Joon cannot get out of his car. Reading this kind of news makes me sad because such delays cause loss in productivity and money. I'm not sure how production people and extras are paid in Korea but in the Philippines it's on a per day basis. No work no pay. I'm sure they have anticipated the said problem a long time ago but there seems to be some loopholes in whatever plans they made. I'm just hoping there won't be a repeat of what happened just now.


Blogger mrs a said...

Hi Marisa, Poor guy! I am surprised they didn't have better security but sometimes things falls thru. I agree bizness wise these silly delays can cost alot of money and hurt peoples incomes so I hope they respect and think about that in the future. Keep our fingers crossed.

6:27 AM

Blogger Toujours_BYJ said...

Dear Marissa, have you noticed that your pic in your profile is just facing his pic ?
When I read your post, it looks like he's looking at you he he.
Btw, I love your new pic.

2:23 PM

Anonymous jaime said...

hi marissa,

unfortunately, i think more and more tourists will flock to the shooting site as TWSSG rolls into full gear. now JAM tour is sharing rights with other tour companies, that means more confusion.

I'm with you, I really do not want this to affect Yong Joon's well-being and his work. Same for the fans, I hope they'll stay safe and well as I look at the pictures of the ground, it's all unpaved and it's not an easy and comfortable tour (with all the walking and waiting)! God Bless everyone!

9:53 PM


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