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Monday, February 05, 2007

TWSSG Banned in China

I just read two articles today one from English Chosun, and the other from KBS Global
on the criticism by the Chinese government on BYJ's current drama "Taewangsashingi" because of issues on the historical accuracy. In fact they have already imposed a press embargo and has banned its broadcast in the said country.

I'm not an authority on the history between China and Koguryo Dynasty of Korea so I will not attempt to make sense on why the Chinese government made such a decision. I hope some of our sisters here who are well versed on the subject matter can help out. All I know is that both countries are sensitive about the interpretation of what transpired during those times.

I'm sure the staff of TWSSG is already aware of the situation so let's see what will happen as the filming transpires.


Blogger mrs a said...

Hi Marissa, Hope you are well and doing fine. Thanks for this info. I didn't hear about it. I don't know anything about China History either.
I hope it all works out tho.

9:55 AM

Blogger marissa said...

Hi mrs a,

I'm not feeling well now but nothing serious just my usual asthma attack. I really hope all is well with you.


4:59 PM

Blogger mrs a said...

Oh dear Marissa, I do hope you are feeling better. Asthma is horrible. I will keep you in my prayers!

9:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Han. I'm sure you know my name on Tiff's blog. Well, when Koguryo Dynasty of Korea, we ( I mean Korea ) ruled a part of China (which is Harbin and so on. Still in the part of China there are Korean-chinese who speak korean.
But China denies it they insist the land was always with China not with Korea. So that's why they banned the drama.
In the drama I'm not sure though, because it's Koguryo Dynasty they will describe the fact.
I don't understand why China denies the fact. We don't ask the land back or something like that. It's just history of ourselves. China even ruined parts of Koguyo Dynasty treasure in china to remove the history. I don't get it what they did.
Anyway I hope it would be help for you.

10:35 PM


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