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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Freedom is A Right

Forewarned: I'm just expressing my personal opinion without intention of hurting anyone's feelings or appear to be condescending so I hope I won't get flanked with this.

Honestly, I've been debating with myself if I should blog about it but then again, this is the purpose of coming up with your own site. To have a venue to express what I feel which I may not be comfortable to share in the other sites.

So what is all the fuzz about? As I was checking the various sites for any news about our MAN as we all do I came upon this article posted by Joanne "Japanese tourists visiting dental clinic BYJ frequents by [Joongang Daily]1/31/06 19:14" . The feeling of sadness hasn't escaped me until now because I felt BYJ's world becoming smaller and smaller. It's one thing to visit the drama sites, location shooting if he doing any work, Park BOF, Lotte and The Loft but it's another thing to reseach where he lives, the places where he dines with friends, have his hair cut, his dental works (get my drift?) for that slim chance of seeing him in person. We all know BYJ does a good job of keeping away from the limelight if he wants to and finds the need to do so but his movements are more constrained and his options getting limited as his popularity increases. Imagine how much harder it will be to book an appointment to these places, should he do it at dawn or how about late at night where the chance of him being sighted will be slimmer.

The business side in me says why not, they have the money to pay for those services. And they infuse the capital of Korea adding to the current GNP contribution of BYJ to their economy. He may not be paid to do endorsements for these shops but his good hearted nature will be more than please that his popularity is helping their business grow. But there are intangible cost as well.

I know it's not cheap to go everseas and we all want to maximize our chances of seeing Yong Joon in the flesh. But I just hope we can cut a line on how far we can go without invading his personal space. Freedom after all is a right not a priviledge, and I sincerely wish that he can enjoy what is rightfully his.

Peace everyone .......


Blogger mishio said...

Whoa marissa!
I just saw your comments on my blog just as I decided to visit yours. Telepathy, anyone?

Anyway, looks like we're saddened by the same thoughts today. yea, saw that post too - completely utterly unbelievable.
My first "outing" was such an eye-opener - sadly, to too many fans, chasing YJ, has almost become a sport of sorts. While there are still huge numbers of well-intentioned fans, there are many who, in the craze of the pursuit, will discard all common sense, manners, respect, and basic human courtesy in the name of "victory."
Thanks for speaking up. If we can get even one person to change their ways after reading your sensible words, then this entry will have served the most noble of causes.

3:07 PM

Blogger Toujours_BYJ said...

Hi Marissa, you're not the one, when I readed that post, I had the same thoughts too.
I second to mishio, thanks for speaking up.

3:18 PM

Blogger bb said...

yea... have always thought everything should be in moderation. however, everyone's benchmark and the ruler/standards in everyone's head is different, so how do we know when we've crossed the line? when is too much too much? me too, feel saddened that his world's getting smaller as we encroach on more, more and yet more of his space.

but... i wonder if i would still be able to retain my sanity when i'm in baeland. surely alot of fans would want to try their luck bumping into him, no matter how slight the chance.

in samcheok a year ago, i was able to walk away, to leave him his room, to give him his space. i wonder if i would be able to do it again. especially knowing jolly well that even if i walk away, hundreds more would not and he would still not get his peace of mind. but i guess at least i'll get my own peace of mind should i be able to tear myself away.

sorry... heavy thoughts here... been incredibly busy and unbelievably tired.

yours and other bae-blogs are my refuge at the end of every lethargic day. can't wait for this crazy-busy period to be over.

thanks, marissa.

10:35 PM

Blogger marissa said...


Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Yes we may all have different gauge of what is considered too much, but try putting ourself in his shoes and just maybe we can find the urge to control ourselves when things are becoming out of hand.

9:36 AM

Blogger luvjoon aka chiligoyo said...

Marissa... I echo everyone who has the same opinon about the dark side of his popularity.. I've been quite sad towards this since The Image days when he had to apologise in front of the media during his visit to Japan..

Thanks for voicing it out, Marrisa..

9:53 AM


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