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Monday, October 17, 2005

"Going Out" on a Saturday

Northstar gave me a call on a Friday afternoon so I can make arrangements for a group viewing of April Snow the Making since it's more fun to watch it with friends. But we all come from different locations around the metropolis so it's hard to find a common place where we all can meet halfway. I thought of renting a hotel room in the Central business district so it will be convenient to all who wishes to come and have the privacy to shout, sigh, faint and do whatever we want when his face appears on screen. Reservations made I gave a call and set the time for our date.

Northstar and I met at a nearby mall to buy lunch so we don't need to go out of the room and then had a laugh when she said that we are doing what Insoo and Seo-yong did, go to a hotel. I was not satisfied with the first room given to us because the television is not big enough so we asked to be moved to another room. Finally getting the room we wanted, we passed by time by looking at my recently downloaded vods and pics of BYJ through my pc. Belinda and Christy came in after a while so we decided to eat first so we can watch all we want after. We had grilled fish, squid, pork, salted eggs, green mango with tomatoes and fish paste, and two kinds of veggies- yum yum yummm......

Finally off to the room to set up the portable dvd player of Christy but what a bummer, we can't seem to get it working no matter how we fidget with the connection so we called for the hotel maintenance to help us out. The suspense is killing us so I decided to play the dvd in my pc and as expected we did a collective shout once he's face came out of the screen. The hotel staff was quick enough to check on our problem but we are oblivious to what the technician is doing to fix the tv problem since we are so absorbed on watching the scenes unfolding right before our eyes. Finally he's curiousity got the better of him and asked what are watching so we told him that he is the hottest man in the world. To cut the story short, they bought in a new television set so we finally got to watch The Making on a bigger screen. Maybe some writers cannot see the beauty of the movie because he's looks really captures your attention. I have to agree with the other sisters who advised us to watch it a couple to times so we can enjoy his looks on the first viewing, absorb the translation on the second, and finally digest the movie as a whole on the subsequent viewing.

After 3 hours, we decided to go to a mall a few blocks away to check out the calls and text messages I got that April Snow posters are now being displayed at major cinemas. Glorietta has 4 wings housing 2 big movie house complex. We went to the bigger of the two where a LOT of posters are scattered showing current flicks as well as next attraction but so AS posters. We all went our separate ways just to check every nook and cranny but we made no sighting. Off we went to the other complex, our excitement building up. We are on the second level and all the posters were hanging from the balcony around the staircase so we have to look down to check it out and finally our efforts were rewarded cause right before our eyes is the now familiar April Snow poster.

Down we went with our mobile phones ready to take pictures. People started staring at us ~ 4 decent looking ladies all having cameras aimed at one poster dangling up the railing. Even the sales ladies at the nearest specialty store went out to check on what we are looking at.

Then Belinda, Christy and I went up again so that Northstar can take our picture from above.

Now it's her turn so I went down again and took several shots then up again while taking a few more shots of the poster.

We just laughed off the commotion we caused all for the sake of BYJ. Finally we decided to call it a day ................


Blogger bb said...

marissa.... you must catch it again and again on the big screen when it goes your way next month. nothing beats watching it on the big silver screen, really...

but, happy to hear that you gals had fun. pictures to share?

2:44 AM

Blogger marissa said...

I do have plans of watching it everyday. Good thing my office is walking distance from 3 big movie houses.

I will post photos soon.

2:56 PM

Blogger bb said...

whoa... watch it everyday? good on you!

i've only watched AS five times so far.... going for my sixth time tuesday evening. looking forward to it!

3:08 AM

Blogger marissa said...

I must do so since we are not sure when we can see him in the big screen again. Distributors are not yet sure about the market of korean movies here.

3:57 PM


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