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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cosmo 06.02 - BYJ A Perfect Lover!

happiebb and luvjoon did a wonderful job of translating the interview granted by BYJ for Cosmopolitan Magazine (chinese edition) I've stopped subscribing to Cosmo a few years ago but I'm loving them again, hehehe. I will just pick-up bits and pieces of the translation and give my own thoughts just for fun.

Rule No. 1 of the Perfect Lover: Always Gentle, Elegant and Refined.

Since Bae Yong Joon became famous, he has always worn the label of an ‘aunty-slayer’. He himself doesn’t seem to be quite bothered, but his fans are upset with the label. Maybe it’s more appropriate to refer to them as ‘over-aged young girls’. Ouch, that's even worse! Because the real young girls are in a stage of passion and enthusiasm, and they will not know enough to be able to appreciate Bae Yong Joon’s gentle and gentlemanly ways or his warmth or his chivalry. Looking back during my teen years, I've always have an attraction to warm and gentle guys and they were brainy too! The real housewives would be so caught up with their work, their husbands and children, they probably will not have the heart nor the energy to go chase or hanker after a prince who’s so faraway. I know a lot of housewives who has the energy and the heart to go after our prince but the husband will threaten divorce if they do so. So… the women Bae Yong Joon is able to move… are actually women who have been through some life experiences, and are now better able to appreciate tranquillity, serenity, gentleness and tenderness, and yet this group of women still retain a young woman’s heart. That's more like it, I think I fit that description. That’s why these women are willing to smile for this prince who’s a tad late in coming into their lives. This admiration they have for this man because of his tenderness, this love they have for this man is at an appropriate distance too. It’s safe, it’s almost like the perfect love affair. Now another issue for debate, when is safe considered perfect. A love affair can never grow if you thread on the safe side. Mistakes and problems must be welcomed as a chance to grow more as a couple. (The love guru is preaching again ~ zipping my mouth)

COSMO: Since you daringly took up the role to bare your body, will you, too, take up the role of a gay?

BYJ: (laughed and gave a thought) I’m not too sure myself. If someone lookup to me for that role, I might take a look at the script and see how I reacted to it - - if at that moment I decided that I will take accept the role, I will give it a shot. But of course, I will still prefer the role of a man loving a woman.

Gay roles is the latest trend in Hollywood, the Golden Globe result seems to agree with it but dear Yong Joon I prefer you as a man in the fullest sense of the word. Araso?

Rule No. 2 of the Perfect Lover: Constantly providing a sense of security

“No matter what happens, honesty is still the best policy in my opinion” he felt, “one must be true to oneself, be brave enough to face the truth, it may not always be the man’s fault if a woman kept getting hurt in a relationship. If both opened their hearts to each other, understand each other, they can be able to live in peace together, right? I will treat her well, love her, and because I really love her, I'll loved her unconditionally.”

I really hope you can find the woman who will love you and understand the world that you are living right now. It's not an easy task for any woman to love a man of your stature but I'm sure that if you can let her feel secure, any woman can overcome it all.

Rule No. 3 of the Perfect Lover: Self-Control

But even though so, he still doesn’t give women a feeling that they can live together with him with ease because he is just too perfect, handsome, gentle and forever be there when you need a shoulder to cry on, and that’s just about it. Would you dare to ask him to accompany you to the supermarket and bargain over such little money and stuff, (why not? He may enjoy the experience) question him whether did he went out for dinner with any girl. (There's such a thing as woman's instinct, mine's fined tuned) And, you wouldn’t even dare to cry hard in front of him for fear that you will smudge your mascara and will no longer look pretty. (That is why you have to buy water proof mascara and trust me, guys find it irritating)

Just like Mr Big and Carrie in Sex and the City, Bae Yong Joon is just too perfect (no doubt about that), he may just only be suitable admire from a distance. Because we only see the public side of him so yes he may seem perfect but I'm sure those who know him well will say otherwise. And hey, Mr Big is not perfect, I like Aidan Shaw better.

There’s a saying, women often got infatuated by men who made them smile, but in end, they chose to be together with the man who made them cry. As for the perfect Casanova, as long as he continue choosing the safe role of being the perfect lover in drama/film, the tingly feeling of a bittersweet love will continue to linger in every woman’s heart. And I sincerely hope that he will break out of the typecasting and play other roles. He really needs to challenge himself as an actor and he can only do that if he accepts roles that is less than perfect.


Blogger mishio said...

Hi marissa-
loved the comments - punchy and fun! Hey, don't these guys know better than to generalize fans and speak for us? They still don't know we are a diverse bunch? Besides, how should they know how we feel or think?

3:04 PM

Blogger marissa said...

hahaha, our long battle with the misconception of the demographic of a bae fan, when will the media ever learn.... sighs again.....

6:06 PM

Blogger joycebay said...

Hi Marissa, Hi Mishio
Haha enjoy this too. Yup hope he act as a comedian as he has indicated interest in such a role. It would be fun to see the light hearted side of him like my Baesis here....hehehe. Love U gals. ;)

6:56 PM

Blogger marissa said...

hi joycebay,
Glad you found your way here. It would be fun to see him act as gay but I don't think I can bear the reaction I will hear from people against him.

10:53 PM


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