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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

And The Circle Continues

Last night I braved the rush hour traffic to meet a bae sister at the Festival Mall in Alabang. Thank God for small blessings like a freeway to lessen my stress and travel time by half. She is a bae fan from a province south of Manila (Legazpi, Albay) who just discovered our own website a few days ago. She expressed her frustration in not being able to access the goods that we have here in the city nor the chance to join the activities that we had during the past year. Seems she's the only one in her family that fell hard for Yong Joon. WLS is the only BYJ drama that she was able to watch since Hotelier was aired during daytime when she's at work like us. When she mentioned that she will be in the city on a business trip for two days I arranged for us to meet never mind if it means I have to be the one to go to her place since she's not used to moving around the city.

I spent my Sunday looking at my own meager collection of BYJ stuff that I can share with her. Found a spare copy of AS and Untold Scandal, some stickers given my Mariz (redwine) as well as leaflets and stationaries sent by our generous sisters from around Asia. It suddenly dawned on me that our bae sisterhood is such a wonderful gift because it taught us to share. I know our sisters abroad spends a lot in buying the items they are sending to us as gifts because it's their way of expressing their friendship and love. Same goes for the sisters here who never forgets to hoard byj stuff whenever they chance upon them at "Rue de Div" and "Elle de Tulle" (that's Divisoria and Quiapo for pinoys, the equivalent of Miyeong-dong shopping area in Seoul) and share it with all the members when we have a get-together. The joy I felt when I got those items is the same joy I'm feeling when I'm able to share them with others. As Yong Joon's popularity is expanding around the world so is our circle of friends. And the cycle of sharing continues....... thanks again to our MAN.

by Joyce C. Lock

Share your seed and watch it grow.
Then, you'll know the joy of giving.
Share yourself and your whole life.
Then, you'll know the joy of living!


Blogger bb said...

yea, marissa... we also don't really get all that much byj stuff here in singapore... it's thanks to the wonderful bae-sisters all over the world that we get to have/hold/see those wonderful byj-related merchandise.

share share share and spread the love :)

9:38 PM

Blogger mishio said...

Just want to thank you for expressing a beautiful sentiment. It's true - I genuinely treasure all the wonderful sisters I've met through this circle.

1:40 PM

Blogger Toujours_BYJ said...

Hi gals, I'm a bit late, you all said what I want to say.
Yes, thanks to our man, I got to know wonderful sis and my treasure box is growing, especially here where I can't find anything about him.

3:14 PM

Blogger marissa said...

hello by bae blog sisters,

Seems we all benefited from our all season Santa sisters. Aaah, the joy of friendship..... Have a nice day everyone!

4:47 PM

Blogger joycebay said...

Hi Marissa
Love that Sharing by Joyce C. Lock.
And thanks for sharing. BYJ related site never fail to give me that smile on the face no matter how cloudy the day is. What a wonderful thing that he brings to us and mean to us. Yes the joy of living! Love ya all BaeSis and the blogging!!

3:35 PM

Blogger luvjoon aka chiligoyo said...

Marissa, coincidentally enough, I wanted to write an entry on this topic about sharing as well yesterday but fell asleep before I can do so.. hehe! The inspiration I've gotten was from BYJGlobal who sent me a tube of Yong Joon's poster and some stuffs she made herself.. will try to squeeze some time to do so coz now pretty tied up with Chinese New Year.. *wink*

12:44 AM


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