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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Another Evening Full of Yong Joon

North Star and I had another great evening hearing about Pinky's trip to South Korea. Nothing beats having cofee while listening to her animated story on how she was able to do a WLS tour on a full packed business trip. Good thing their host knew that she's a big fan of Yong Joon so they made the arrangments for her. She has a lot of good photos so I'm hoping she can post them at our site. Thanks to Youngsun, she was able to visit Park BOF a day before her departure and had her picture taken sitting on the car used in AS. I told her about BYJ's visit at The Loft on the 20th, as expected she felt a little sad about missing an opportunity of a lifetime. Who knows maybe next time right???

All those talk about korea made us hungry so we headed to the nearest korean restaurant and ordered doenjang-jjigae and kalbi for dinner before calling it a night.


Blogger bb said...

hi hi marissa,

thanks for sharing the little story. so... this is that friend who almost saw yong joon... feel alittle sorry for her.

then again, at least she's been to korea and went on a WLS and park BOF tour.... not every fan gets to do that. so, hope she'll look at the bright side of things :p

p.s. yea, hope to see pics too!

10:23 PM

Blogger marissa said...

hi bb,

She knows how to count her blessings so yes, after a few hours of regretting missed opportunities she is back to being happy to have visited all those sites.z

10:23 AM


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