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Friday, August 11, 2006

GKFG Better Than Lord of the Ring

I guess most of you have read the news translated by Joanne regarding the excitement generated by the five minute teaser film of Yong Joon-ssi newest drama, if not then read it here. It must really be that well crafted that some of those lucky enough to watch it, made a comparison to the Hollywood blockbuster "Lord of the Ring".

I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that the production can meet such high expectations. Do I sound pessimistic, maybe because I've always been wary of the koreans cold reception of BYJ's work. But then again, he can always count on the support of his wordwide network of "family" to make sure it will be the biggest drama to come out of Korea in 2007.


Blogger frances said...

its ironic that the media is also involved in creating the hype surrounding byj's works and yet they are also very quick in giving him the cold shoulder...what gives ??

i'm sure gkfg will be another milestone in yong joon's career and we will be here to give him our 101% support. fighting !! :D

btw sis, a belated happy blog-day ^^ here's wishing more exciting years of byj-blogging & that includes me and the rest of our baesis' bloggers group !!

10:03 AM

Blogger marissa said...

Hi frances,

The medias cold treatment of BYJ and his work will forever remain a mystery to me. Good thing we are all steadfast and loyal and we are more than enough for him.

Thanks for the greeting and I know yours will be coming up soon.

10:00 AM


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