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Friday, August 04, 2006

I Was Sleeping When.....

Everytime I see hiyonn's beautiful artworks I can't help but sigh. They are so alive that I expect Yong Joon to pop out from her canvass. How I wish I have just a bit of her talent but alas I was sleeping when God showered his artistic blessings on us. You can view some of her other works here and here.

Just in case you come by in the hopes of reading something new but sees yesterdays news, you might want to check my other blogs with links at the right side of your screen because I do update them regularly too. simplymarissa is about me outside fandom, myrainyadventure is dedicated to singer Rain while the latest addition is for the k-pop group Shinhwa. Happy reading and enjoy your week-end, I'll be going out of town tomorrow to recharge.


Blogger bb said...

oh ya... been wanting to ask you... so have you decided if you're going for their concert?

12:29 PM

Blogger marissa said...

my friends decided not to go and it's not fun without them. I'll just buy their repackaged 8th album that has a dvd included to console myself.

10:44 AM


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