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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

BOF Welcomes Lee Na-Young

I've made a wish more than a year ago that BOF should start expanding their stable of talents and not concentrate on BYJ alone. I felt that the burden must have been heavy for a single artist to make BOF a profitable business venture.

It was with joy that I welcome the news of new and upcoming talents being trained by BOF and just a few months I was elated by So Ji Sub signed up with them to manage his career after his discharge from the army in 2007.

With gladness I join the other baesisters in welcoming Lee Na Young in BOF. The very irritating younger sister of Jaeho has blossomed as one of Korea's most talented actress in dramas and movies and a much sought after product endorser. I'm sure even IMX Japan and America will make an effort to promote her projects so she can be one of the dominant forces in Korea's Hallyu.


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