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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's Ok To Be A Sex Symbol Once In A While

had dinner with some bae sisters last friday night at Sakura, a japanese restaurant in Glorietta. It's been a while since I've seen them and I really missed their company and the endless chatter about our MAN. We decided to stay at a nearby park after to enjoy the cool breeze after and that's when North Star made mention on how she wished BYJ will make even one "feel good super romantic movie" the likes of Notting Hill and Pretty Woman.

A movie that will have his fans sigh, swoon and fantasize over the sight of him from the beginning till the end of the film. After all he has all the qualities of a true blue sex symbol - sexually attractive, articulate, alluring but more importantly he has this air of mystery about him that makes you want to know the person more.

I love the publicity photos during the AS days especially those shots taken with SYJ at the park and at the concert scene. It made our hearts beat faster and made us fall in love with him again. But I have to agree with my bae sisters that it's impossible to fantasize about him while watching the film. Can you imagine yourself blurting out to the the one nearest you "Oh gosh, he looks so handsome!" while watching him come face to face with the betrayal of his spouse?

He may have caused a lot of ladies (me included) some sleepless nights after watching him portray Jo-won in Untold Scandal with all those love scenes and intense looks but he's so into the character that I can't glimpse the Yong Joon that I've grown to love.

What I want is a well written film with him looking just like his normal self while discovering the joys of falling in love. A movie that I can watch over and over again while staring at his face, making idiotic smile while letting my imagination get the best of me.


Blogger bb said...

yea... would love to see him in something like 'pretty woman' or 'sleepless in seattle' or even 'you've got mail'...

12:04 AM

Blogger Toujours_BYJ said...

yes, a romantic movie like Pretty Woman... oh Marissa, I'm imagining !

2:42 AM

Blogger byjglobal said...

Does anyone know about 1939 movie called "Wuthering Heights" staring British actor Laurence Olivier? Our YJ will be great in that role. How about we all BYJ fans pulled money together and buy shares each to produce the movie for our Prince the way we want, so that we will see him over and over and over for long time? I will buy a big share. I am sure we can make lots of, lots of money. Maybe we can hire bb to organize to start our business.

3:34 AM

Blogger marissa said...

bb & camille,

BYJ can really portray those roles, and yeah who could ever forget sleepless and you got mail.

bb, what about the proposal to organize a production co. just for our dream project want to discuss this with your Yang Man???

Hi byjglobal,

So we can all plan to produce a movie for him with us having a say on the script, that will be another first for fans worldwide.

9:38 AM

Blogger bb said...

hehe... you gals are so funny! imaginative too!

actually, there's something quite similar in korea. i've heard that some 'dreamers' would put up their plans and all on the internet to invite the public or any interested parties to invest. so there actually have been cases of fans or like-minded people pooling their money together to produce a film that they all like or support.

yea... that'll be so......great...! hee, just thinking about it makes me smile. haha, of course it doesn't hurt that i'll probably get to sit knee-to-knee with manager yang :p

10:13 PM


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