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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Taewang Sashin Gi Starts To Shoot Tomorrow

Finally the news we've all been waiting for has arrived (hugs to Gaulsan), GKFG will start shooting tomorrow at Jeju Island Myosanbong Tourist Area.

According to the officials of Jeju Island, the ceremony wishing for success will be held at noon at 묘산봉 관광지구(Myosanbong Tourist area), and shooting will start right after the ceremony.

About 100 people including the director, writer, actors including the main charactor BYJ, staff, and Kim Tae Wan(minister of Jeju Island), etc. will attend this ceremony.

The first scene is BYJ playing Kyuk-Gu (Korean style polo). Jung Jin Young, Choi Min Soo are appearing in this scene, too.

Expect baeland to be in a frenzy tomorrow and our blogging network to be busy as a bee. Still at work to pop champagne but let's share an online drink to celebrate!



Blogger luvjoon aka chiligoyo said...


I'm so excited!! It's has been a LONG while.. hehe..

3:53 PM

Blogger liezle said...

one of the greatest news of the day! i'm already excited for tomorrow and what the time to fast forward ^^ silly me...crazy me...huh?!

9:50 PM

Blogger marissa said...

It's a red letter day for us and can't help but be excited to wake-up this morning.

9:28 AM

Blogger joycebay said...

Hey Hey A BIG TOAST to all!

10:11 AM


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