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Thursday, March 02, 2006

It Made Me Smile

My new favorite gif, and don't ask me why


Blogger joycebay said...

Seems like without clothes he looks even better huh? kekeke

8:51 AM

Blogger mishio said...

needs no explanation.........
just too bad there's a pane of glass there!

2:05 PM

Blogger raina said...

the crowning glory can really make his presence known. now i know why the ajumas out there are also fantasizing your oppa.

11:34 PM

Blogger charity said...

first flash!!! And my eyes caught something i ought to say nothing!!! My gosh my bionic eyes still didnt fail! Tet!!! Your absolutely right oh my oh my!!!PERIOD! Babu!

5:38 PM

Blogger marissa said...

omo, the bonic eyes found her way here. I knew working for a pharma firm has it's perks ~ mega dose fo Vit. A

1:09 PM


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