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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hail To The King

The picture that made up for all the waiting we all did. How can he manage to look so much younger is beyond me. And those eyes can captivate my heart anytime even with those glasses on. Oh my, I'm in cloud nine and have no plans of coming down to earth for a while......


Anonymous North Star said...

Hail!Hail! The Great King is here!

Indeed, marissa, this is a moment of great rejoicing for Bae family members worldwide. Our dear oppa BYJ looks every inch His Regal Handsomeness for the part he will be creating to life and (artistic) posterity.

Thanks much sis for 'warning' me via text earlier about these photos. But, gee, you forgot to mention that our Man actually has acquired a halo now that the Great King is official. Hah! Saw the halo hovering about him before I took in all of this very fab YJ!Wonderful! Amazing!

He truly warms my heart.:)

Cheers for the stupendous success of the GKFG!!! Cheers and good health to our Yong Joon!!!

North Star

5:44 PM


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