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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

BYJ In Japan.... the story unfolds

From JOB official notice
Title: On Bae Yongjoon visit to Japan
From administrator

"However, IMX received protesting opinions from some families, saying ¡°Believing your announcement, I refrained from going to the airport. But in practice Bae Yongjoon ssi appeared and some people could see him. That¡¯s unfair.¡± ¡° I find it a bit difficult to accept his comment at the arrival, ¡®I appreciate your warm welcoming me ¡® in your official announcement at his arrival. ¡°

We, IMX, judged the situation like this: By releasing information on his entry route and the place to be stayed, a large number of people would gather to the public places, resulting in some confusion or trouble to the general or other visitors. In the worst case, it could be possible to bring about the similar accident of the last visit. If such things should happen, we would be made of leave the hotel he is staying, or, and, would give up the promotional activities of the film ¡°April Snow¡± officially scheduled, only to go back home. Furthermore, I anticipated the very worst situation that without getting any cooperations of the authorities concerned, Bae Yongjoon would never be able to enter Japan in the future. So, though our dealing with the situation might not be a perfect one, I think it was all the possible choice.

As long as it is far impossible to have all of you meet Bae Yongjoon in person, but in order to meet your requests as much as possible, we have made efforts and preparations to convey the newest situation of Bae Yongjoon through events or media."

From JOB Official Notice
2005/08/30 3:56:00
"In spite of having released none of the place and period of his stay in Japan, a number of people were waiting at the hotel he is staying. Since their occupancy of the hotel lobby caused some trouble for other visitors in the hotel, claims came successively to the hotel yesterday.

If a situation like this continues today as well, a possibility that Bae Yongjoon is made to leave the place he is staying now becomes high. In that case, we cannot help but cancel the predetermined schedules, such as events and coverage of the press, and it would become impossible to avoid the worst situation of his early homecoming.
Not to mention you, his families, Bae Yongjoon himself wishes to avoid falling into such a situation."

A writing from BYJ himself beginning with 'Dear Japanese family',
was just posted on
[Public Notice]@ 14:15.

How are you. This i Bae Yongjoon.

"Having waited counting fingers for the day I meet with you again, I think real joyous as I was able to enter the country without incident yesterday.

For visit to Japan in this time, although we have given you words of request on several occasions through public notices on Japanes Official site from our worry about your safety which could happen from gathering many people in the airport or hotel, as it ended up appearance of many people to the airport or hotel in reality so that it seems to have become a situation which might affect place for me or my staff to stay or our schedule itself.

As I have told you from the beginning of this writing, I have been waiting for this day for a long period of time, and I thought that our family would have done the same. As I was barely able to obtain a chance to meet you again, how regrettable would it be if it is either changed or cancelled due to problem of security.

In one hour from now, my schedule is planned to begin. Tomorrow, if I can meet you personally, I will put effort with all my might with fluttering heart."

The day is not yet over so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that our Japanese family will understand the situation and adapt accordingly. BYJ is thankful for all their support for the past year so we wants to give back by coming for a visit from time to time but if his security and that of his fans will be at stake then he may reconsider any other plans in the future. Wouldn't that sadden everyone? I know how much we long for him, heck I never even saw the guy in person but if he wants us - his fans to be more considerate then let's do it!


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