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Monday, August 29, 2005

1st Anniversary of BAEwatch, Philippines

August 28 is a red letter day in my calendar since it’s the day when I get to meet and mingle with my baesisters as we celebrate the 1st anniversary of BAEwatch, Philippines and the birthday of Bae Yong Joon, the man behind the group.

Food was overflowing as everyone contributed to the feast. There was chap chae, grilled pork and fish, chop suey and vegetable salad, pork hainanese and squid. Plus an overflowing dessert table filled with various sweet rice cakes, brownies and not to forget cakes with BYJ’s face on it. After the usual exchange of hugs and kisses and a few stories in between, we previewed the BAEwatch Video Greeting. It’s our birthday present for BYJ on his birthday with our baesisters’ inspired singing that served as a background. Games followed with our sisters serious in winning because of the beautiful prices at stake. Then came the auction where pockets were emptied just to get the much coveted BYJ items to add to our personal collection.

Our celebration will not be complete if I will not thank the following people. Rita for hosting the event, Belinda for supervising the video shoot and editing, all the baesisters who brought along the food, Northstar and our Japanese sisters mariko, tomato99, choko, mimi, ruru, sonata40, 1224bymuu, tosi0704, Myonne, pupurin0829, yuyon, isamu24, Iioksa san, Takahashi san and Kobayashi san for providing the much coveted prizes and souvenirs. Frances for the pictures we used in our music vid and liezle for the support and prayers. Our friends from BYJ Quilt, BYJ OB and Joons Family for supporting us when we first started our group – Joanne, Hyeon, Helen, bb, tiffany, masayo, kait, yongsun, coco, CJ and all others that I may have failed to remember as of this time – Komapsumnida from the bottom of my heart.


Blogger luvjoon aka chiligoyo said...

Wow wow wow! U guys had a party!! All thanks to The Man who has brought us together!! Glad u guys enjoyed urself! =)

12:57 AM

Blogger bb said...

gosh... the mention of all those food... marissa, you're making me hungry in the middle of the night!

sure sounded like you gals had great fun...

cheers! here's to more good bae-years!

3:39 AM

Blogger luvjoon aka chiligoyo said...


10:42 AM

Blogger marissa said...

Hi cristine and bb,

Indeed, most of my most treasured memories for the past year is because of him. Thanks for your warm greeting.

4:03 PM


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