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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Did I Really Love

HWRL took me two months to finish not because it's boring. I already have an idea of the storyline from what I've read in other byj sites. I finished watching the first part in just 4 nights and I found the other characters amusing and sometimes irritating. How I wanted to knock some sense in Jaeho's sister. The first part set the scene for what will be the core of the movie but I have to wait for another 3 weeks before I got the next installment.
Finally, I have the 2nd part and since I was forewarned by other baesister on what to expect, I watched just 2 cd and stopped then resume after 3 or 4 days just to regain composure before being taken in an emotional rollercoaster. It breaks my heart to see Jaeho suffer so much just because he finally chose to do what's right. He just wants his own happiness but can't seem to get it. And oh how I cried for Shin Hyung, who just loves him that she let go of any pride left and begs him to come back to her during the break-up scene. Watching the drama will make you ask yourself if you really love selflessly or will I give up if I face hardship along the way. A must watch for any true blue BYJ fan.


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Would it be ok if I can add ur blog to one of my links in my bae blog? thanks!! =)

Christine aka chiligoy (in joonsfamily) and luvjoon (in BYJ's quilt)

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I'll be honored, I just included your's in my links

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