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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

BAEwatch Video Greeting for BYJ

I just got the master edited copy of our birthday present for BYJ.... a music video with some our our baesisters singing. First to Belinda to handled the planning to editing all by herself my hats off to you sister. I know how you've been anxious that you can finish it on time especially when your digicam suddenly gave out in the middle of editing the raw materials. But after watching it, I felt all the love you put in making it. I can't wait for August 29 so we can share it with our baesisters abroad. Now it's my turn to be prepare the give-aways and prizes as well as the BYJ stuffs to be auctioned. Hopefully, it will be done by Friday so I can have a day to relax before our anniversary and BYJ's birthday celebration.


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