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Friday, August 12, 2005

Worth Remembering

As I look at the first kiss shared by Insoo and Seoyoung, a secret smile hovers between my lips. There is hesitancy here for they both know that they were about to cross the line that their partners did. But as Insoo draws nearer, I see tenderness as he gently pressed his lips to her.

I remember my own first kiss. Women give their soul when we kiss someone we love. It�s my way of expressing the feelings inside of me that I can�t verbalize. It�s giving one�s trust to somebody else with the hope that your relationship will last. I remember my heart beating fast as he looked into my eyes, his fingers caressing my face as he draws nearer to me. Time stands still as lips are sealed, a silent promise of love that we feel....

My heart lost in a Kiss

My heart is like twisted twine
Always unraveling all the time
It is a juicy cut lime
Crushing and sticking in kind
As I seek her love to speak
Without inhibitions to head
I think of how we can touch
In a way without lust
In a joyous blissful caress
As my passion starts to press
Like an artist I carve my fine craft
Knowing this forsaken moment just past
A casual smile and then a blink
Totally insecure of how you think
Words seem to roll off my tongue
As if I breathe her air from her lung
A tension that make me feel so highest strung
Not even knowing where this moment came from
A simple kiss and a sigh knowing soon I’ll say good-bye

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