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Monday, September 12, 2005

A Loooooooong Korean Lunch

Last Saturday, I got a call from Northstar inviting me out for lunch since she has this craving for korean food and ask me to contact 2 othe baesisters who lives/works in Makati to join us. Since I have nothing scheduled for that day, I agreed to meet with her and called Tricia and Christy if they are available. Only Tricia confirmed and since she has a VIP card at Dong Won Restaurant (a real nice grill house) we set a date for 1:00pm. Punctuality is one of the nicest trait of my lunch companions so immediately after placing our order of grilled beef and chicken and a stew that has pulled noodles in it (sorry, can't remember the name of the dish) and a dozen side dishes we immediately launched into an animated discussion of what could be happening with our baesisters attending the bunggae that day. We let our imagination get the best of us and between mouthfuls of delectable korean food we talked and talked about the movie April Snow and tried analyzing the interviews given by Yong Joon after the premier. We got a call from another baesister Jobel at around 2pm and after some persuasion she decided to join us all the way from Cainta (about an hour during week-end). So while waiting for her, we decided to order soju just to complete the meal. We are well into our third hour of lunch before Jobel made an appearance so it took us another hour of chatting while having a fruit platter for dessert before Northstar looked at her watch ---- it's 5pm around 6pm in korea. The bunggae has started and counting the hours we spent in that restaurant (4 hours), we could have taken a plane bound to korea and be there for the buggae. Anyway, we just sent cheers to our baesisters by finishing one last round of the soju.

But it was not to end just like that, reluctant to go home Northstar, Jobel and I headed to Starbucks in Rockwell with an excuse that we have to counter the effects of soju with coffee. We all had caramel macchiato (a fave of BYJ) and when the barista asked for the name to be written on the cup I blurted our BYJ and then we giggled like teens. The clueless guy confirmed if he would really write BYJ so I said yes, and made a lame excuse that's it's our initials combined. So with a soothing jazz music as our background, we spent another hour making small talk about OUR MAN before calling it a day.


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