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Monday, August 08, 2005

Wow, I'm starting my own blog!!!

I've heard about blogging from just about every tech savy people I know but I was never really into it until I started reading those created by my friends. Exposing your thoughts for the world to read can be intimidating for a private person like me who is never into diaries even during my adolescent years. I was afraid my parents would discover who my crushes were during that time and I will have to endure long hours of sermon not just from my parents but from overzealous relatives on how one has to put studies on the top of my priority list.

So why am I doing it now? Because the best way to preserve the stage I'm in right now is to write down all my thoughts about these chapter in my life..... my fascination of Korea bought about by endless hours spent watching their beautifully made drama series.

So join me as I look back to how it all started and walk with me to the present.......


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