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Monday, August 08, 2005

Winter Sonata - November 2003

Still hurting from a painful break-up, I lived in an isolated world purposely avoiding my friends and the social life that I once enjoyed. It was during one of those boring evenings that I sat in front of my television to surf that I chanced upon the initial telecast of Winter Sonata. The brooding looks of Jun Kang immediately caught my attention maybe because I have a preference for that sort of man. That first night was followed by another until a week later, I find myself moving my appointment to make sure I don't miss an episode. December came and the drama is now a hot topic of conversation amongst my officemates. Yujin was lost Jun and Minhyung is now in the picture. The glasses and the colored hair made my heart skip a beat I never even anticipated having a crush on an actor much less a foreigner. I got to find his name so with winter sonata as my keyword, I discovered that his name is Bae Yong Joon, a 34 year old single (good!!!) actor who already appeared in countless other dramas and that I'm not the only one who fell for his charm. It seems the Philippines is already behind in discovering him, I have to share him with millions of other asian women. So ok, I started downloading all the pics, wallpapers and vods that I can get hold of. People started noticing that I'm starting to smile a lot again, that I've became animated again when talking especially with BYJ as a topic. I've became a renewed person because of BYJ, for that alone I'm forever thankful.


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