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Monday, January 08, 2007

Saying Good-Bye To A Home

I just read about Quilt finally closing it's doors from bb's blog and tears slowly dropped from my eyes. It was home to all BYJ english speaking fans in the truest sense of the word.

I first got to know about the site when Winter Love Song started to air in the Philippines in November of 2003. It was a haven of information for a newbie like me, in fact in took me two whole days to finish checking all his photos and saving most of it in my hard drive. I started reading all the fan accounts of those lucky enough to have a glimpse of him or better yet had a short conversation with the man.

But the greatest legacy Quilt has in my life is the friendship I've gained through all these years. From fellow filipinos like Mariz (sunset) and Judy whom I first came into contact and later became the core officers of BAEwatchphil. To foreign sisters like Evelyn (HK) who kindly sent me a BYJ Calendar, a gift I treasure up to now; Helen who is also so generous with her collections; bb my blogging mentor; haeyon tiffany; mariko; tomato and countless other sisters whom I only encounter on the net but has accompanied me in my journey as a bae fan. Through their postings I have gotten to know more and more about Yong Joon and kept the fever alive for me and I'm sure to countless other fans.

Three years down the road who would have thought that the home I treasured will bid good-bye. But nothing is the world is constant except change and so with a heavy heart I'm saying farewell. To Joanne and Hyeon who did their very best to maintain the home for us, my undying gratitude to both of you. You may never truly know how through Quilt you have changed countless lives for the better. I will forever include you and your family in my prayers.

I'm still hoping that there is a way to rebuild our home. After all like the name itself Quilt is a patchwork of different people all after one goal. I'm sure from amongst us we can find a way to help each other in maintaining the site in whatever little way we can. Till then...


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