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Friday, September 23, 2005

April Snow... A love story?

Northstar and I had some downtime a few days ago while enjoying a cuppa at Starbucks and what else was there to talk about but the latest news we've been reading about BYJ. We are sad that the korean press has been coming up with rather harsh reviews of the movie in contrast to those coming from Japan and the critics at the recent Toronto Intl. Film Festival.

Taking aside those explanations by our sisters on the class system in korean entertainment industry, maybe they need a second watching before they understand the philosophical and psychological message that Dir. Hur infused in the movie. Northstar mentioned that DH is a graduate of Philo at Yonsei so it's no wonder how it influenced the kind of work he does. Since we are yet to watch the movie but has seen various clips and review we continued to discuss our own take on the movie. Is April Snow really a love story? is a question brought forward by my dear Northstar. Indeed can there be love between two people when you just found out that your partner cheated on you.

I went through the same agony of finding that the person you trusted most is cheating on you and by golly it's an unexplainable feeling. It's like having your guts pulled out from your body. There is that great need to lash on that person but like Insoo and So Young you cant do so. In my case, he left without a word so that frustration just adds up to the fire in you. You begin to live the next couple of weeks in a trance, physically present but emotionally detached. With issues still unresolved and then finding someone who share the same situation your into, it is normal that they gravitate to each other. Their need for an answer may have lead them to an intimacy but is it enough to be called love? I took me three long years to finally heal and start moving on so maybe it will also take Insoo some time to finally get moving with his life. Hence the last shot of him in the movie being alone eating ramen.

It was northstar who said that maybe, just maybe ... if April Snow will have a second part, it is where we will see love between them if and when their paths would cross again.


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