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Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's Hard To Be "BYJ"

Anyone into K-pop will surely know MC Mong, one of S. Korea's best hip-hop artist. In an interview recently published in broasia.com, he made mention on how he got a first hand experience of how hard life is for our dear Yong Joon.

He moved in to the apartment previously occupied by BYJ and there were instances when his sleep will be disturbed by BYJ fans wanting to meet Yong Joon or simply have their pictures taken inside the apartment. Whatever happened to the building security? Aren't they supposed to monitor the people going in and out of the apartment complex. It made me wonder if the same is true when he was still residing in that apartment. It must have been hard to be always on guard and having a personal relationship is simply out of the question if there are prying eyes watching your every move.

Back to MC Mong, he felt he was losing his privacy so he decided to move to another unit in the same apartment complex, a wise decision on his part I'd say.


Blogger mrs a said...

Hi Marissa,

You know very few humans know this kind of lack of privacy. I think by this happening and MC telling about it makes other entertainers see his huge following and how hard his life is. I can't imagine how it would be. I don't know how he keeps his patience.

9:07 AM

Blogger marissa said...

Hi mrs a,

The price of success can really be hard so I'm just praying that he loves what he's doing to make it worth the setbacks that comes with it.

9:31 AM


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