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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

April Snow Opens Today

I hardly had a sleep last night, blame it on the combination of Starbucks coffee and excitement on finally meeting THE MAN himself the following day. Yes, April Snow will make a Philippine debut today November 23, 2005 in 12 major cinemas in the city. The best part will be seeing the movie with friends (old and new) who share the same sentiment that I have. Who loves Yong Joon as much if not more than I do.

Never mind the hunger pangs, I spent my lunch hour going to the venue of our group viewing tonight, Glorietta 4. Big hugs to my baesis Rita for taking care of getting the flowers for us ~ they are so beautiful.

So my dear Yong Joon, even if you are physically apart from us our spirit are one with you and we will continue to show our love and support. Gosh, 2 more hours to go!


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