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Friday, November 18, 2005

Another Fun Saturday with Baesisters

I got an SMS message from baesis Joji asking if I'm interested to join her and Northstar on a Saturday morning to check out a one day Korean Catholic Church Bazaar at the grounds of Santuario de San Antonio, in Forbes Park, Makati. Of course I said yes, who would want to miss a day with a long missed friends.

The bazaar was a feast to ones eyes, assortment of herbal suppliments, accessories, make-up, garments and household items were on sale. We went on our separate ways and agreed to meet in an hour but it was not long before Northstar excitedly called my attention, "onni, tumingin ka dun (look over there)but all I see are the faces of koreans passing-by. So we muscled our way passed the milling crowd to the space of an exhibitor and you can guess my reaction when I saw this.

A stand selling the WLS voice cup which I've always wanted to have. I got so excited that I didn't think twice in buying it so I haggled for a good price Php700 (USD$13) for the big one.

It was getting hot in the hall so we went out to get a breath of fresh air and what did we see, rows of tent selling korean street food.

Yum, yum, yummm, and I said bye-bye to my promise to cut-off carbs from my diet.
It was like being transported to korea for a short while ~ sorrounded by koreans, enveloped by the smell of their food and their endless chatter. We even have our picture taken with some kids that we made friends while eating.
Soon it was time for lunch so we move to another place, this time a grill restaurant, what can I say, we all enjoy good food, hahaha

Belinda joined us so it's another excuse to have our picture taken. Ok do the korean pose ~~~~ kimchi (smile)!
So we exchanged stories about BYJ's trip to China (it was his second day) and how sorry Joji was to miss it by going a week earlier. Better luck next time sis! Finally, it was almost time to call it a day but not without going to Starbucks and giving our wls voice cups a try~ cheers!


Anonymous North Star said...

hi there onni.hm, as i've told you before, our korean bazaar & wkend fotos are fabulous.heehee.i feel quite delighted that i was able to capture our moments together, the laughs and the giggles, tender hours of simply loving yong joon.
what a find we had last saturday,isn't it?the sec i saw the mugs displayed on that table, familiar silhouettes to me coz i have the small cup already,i froze on my tracks.could it be? or my eyes simply deceiving me? wanting to find anything, scrap of a thing that had something to do with byj...the next thing i knew i was calling out to you, desiring nothing more than to have you with me when i check out the goody.

joy shared is twice happy. truly.

10:50 PM

Blogger marissa said...

my dear northstar,
you are always an angel, thanks for making my day extra special and I look forward to more outings with you.

3:14 PM

Blogger luvjoon aka chiligoyo said...

Wow... u guys looked like you are really enjoying urselves! It is so interesting to be able to gather everyone together for a couple of common purpose, Korean and BYJ.. hehe!

9:03 AM

Blogger marissa said...

Yes chris, our smile can attest to how much fun we had that day. BYJ can always bring us joy.

10:53 AM


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