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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bae Yong Joon Conquers China

I was mentally prepared for the assault of photos that will be coming in last Friday, November 11, or so I thought. I got a private message from one very kind japanese sister that Yong Joon left Incheon for China at 11:00 am and has is sporting a clean look ~ sighs since I loved his rugged look a few days ago.

His plane arrived in Beijing a few minutes before lunch so my lunchbreak went flying out of the window. I know glued myself infront of my pc and waits for any news that will come. We was slightly delayed in going out of the airport to receive the welcome of more than 4000 of his eager fans. But I'm sure it was worth it since I was mesmerized by his new look what for for those waiting for him at the airport.
What a sight and a good diversion from my hunger pangs. A lull of news and photos came at around 2:00 pm so I took a very short break. BYJ Quilt was acting up because of the influx of people trying to get the latest news so I'm thankful that Joons family is also updated with all the latest buzz to satisfy my curiosity.

The press conference for the movie April Snow started a few minutes before 3pm. By then Yong Joon has changed into another set of clothes and came out looking refreshed and excited to meet his chinese fans. He even managed to greet them in Mandarin and I laughed because he nailed his pronounciation. Sounds just like my fave baesis Judy when she speaks ~ glad he took the effort to study.
The famous "Korean Wave"
And his drop dead smile that can light up my christmas tree....

Some more pics from his activities last Nov. 12 when he graced a fan meeting in his honor. I was not able to go online that day because of a date with other baesis but will blog about it later.

I was hoping he will get to wear one while in China ~ wish granted!


Blogger luvjoon aka chiligoyo said...

Haha.. yeah, he looked so good in his new image!! I was in total awe when I first saw him too.. *tsk tsk*

11:32 AM

Blogger marissa said...

yup, how can he get better everytime we see him

2:47 PM


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